10/07/2022 - Electrify News Site
Like most things, lithium-ion batteries do need a little TLC that can extend the life of the li-ion batteries in your electric vehicles.
Living in a van down by the river just isn’t the same threat that it used to be – this Dodge/Tesla camper van is downright appealing.
Coming up soon, the EQE electric SUV from Mercedes-AMG will be revealed, boasting two electric motors – and certainly a whole lot of power.
EV charging advisory company Blue Whale EV has announced a partnership Xeal Energy, which provides “the most advanced EV charging stations”.
Electrify Expo has arrived in Miami with the hottest new EVs from the biggest brands — e-bikes, cars, and more at Regatta Park!



Chargeway Beacon parking spot concept

Chargeway Beacon Helps Visualize EV Charging Options

Living Vehicle

Living Vehicle Taking Orders for Electric Luxury Trailers

Texas EV registration - night image of busy road

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Signs $400 EV Registration Bill 505