Kia 'Plugs In' to Electrify Expo 2022!
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Kia ‘Plugs In’ to Electrify Expo


Electrify Expo brings the latest electric vehicles from the hottest EV brands to one place – and now, that includes Kia!

This weekend, the Electrify Expo will be coming to Husky Stadium in Seattle, Washington, and Kia will be there to let attendees experience the all-new Kia EV6!

This snazzy hatchback is a bold offering from Kia, and a huge favorite around these parts. Sleek and stylish with a 300+ mile range (coming close to the Tesla Model Y’s 326-mile range), the Kia’s technology includes smartwatch connectivity and active safety features like navigation-based Smart Cruise Control with Curve and Lane Following Assist.

The EV6 also comes with 1,000-kWh of free charging via the Electrify America network over the course of three years after purchase.

Pricing starts at $40,900, and goes all the way up to $55,900 for the impossibly fast, supercar-baiting GT-Line trim level with all-wheel drive.

“Electrify Expo brings together the top companies and executives in electrification to share knowledge and discuss how we’ll make the transition to all-electrified vehicles as seamlessly as possible,” said Eric Watson, vice president, sales operations, Kia America. “The impact that the Electrify Expo events will have on us all cannot be overestimated. Kia is the third best-selling manufacturer of EV vehicles in the U.S. thus far in 2022 and we are proud to collaborate with our industry colleagues to chart the best path forward and help shape the future of the automotive industry.”

The 2022 Electrify Expo season kicked off in Long Beach on June 3, continues in Seattle this weekend, and continues on to New Your in August, Miami in October, and closes out at Circuit of the Americas outside of Austin, Texas in November. Kia will be at all four upcoming events – but if you just can’t wait to learn more about the EV6, check out this interview where James Bell from Kia talks with Electrify News Podcast hosts Jo Borras and Matt Teske at Electrify Expo in Orange County, 2021.


Live From LA: How Kia is Keeping it Fresh and Fast, With James Bell




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