Powering the Past: Blake Rhodes' Innovative Electrified 1962 VW Beetle

Powering the Past: Blake Rhodes’ Innovative Electrified 1962 VW Beetle

Photo of Blake Rhodes' Innovative Electrified 1962 VW Beetle at Electrify Showoff in Washington, DC
  • Blake Rhodes transformed a 1962 VW Beetle into an electrified masterpiece, fusing vintage appeal with modern tech.
  • The Bug’s core is the Hyper 9 motor, packing 120 horsepower and igniting this captivating creation.
  • From Thunderstruck BMS to stylish steelies, each part was thoughtfully selected for a classic-modern fusion.

In a world where automotive innovation often takes center stage, there’s something genuinely enchanting about a classic car that retains its vintage charm while embracing the cutting-edge. That’s precisely what Blake Rhodes, the automotive maestro behind Twisted Voltage EV, accomplished with his electrifying masterpiece: a transformed 1962 VW Beetle. Picture this: a sun-kissed afternoon, the gleam of a white pearl exterior adorned with vibrant red pinstriping, and a sense of nostalgia that’s electrically charged. This exceptional transformation earned Blake the prestigious “Best Coupe” award at the Electrify Showoff event in Washington, DC.

Blake Rhodes, a seasoned automotive technician, embarked on this electrifying journey as a natural evolution of his prowess. “Automotive technician since age 18,” Blake casually states, “last few years I have worked on high-end pre-war car collections.” The pivotal moment? A customer’s request to convert a Porsche 914 to electric, which cascaded into a series of electrification endeavors, including a Bug. His passion for air-cooled Vdubs ignited his vision: a Cali-style lowered Beetle with the works – pinstripes, a cool interior, and more.

Energizing the Essence: The Hyper 9 Motor and Meticulous Component Selection Redefine this Transformed Bug

Photo of Blake Rhodes' Innovative Electrified 1962 VW Beetle at Electrify Showoff in Washington, DC

The heart of this transformed Bug is no ordinary motor. The Hyper 9 motor, a favorite among Blake’s modifications, packs 120 horsepower and serves as the pulsating core of this electrified wonder. “Hyper 9 motor,” Blake confirms, encapsulating his admiration for the power source that breathes life into his creation.

However, the narrative goes beyond the motor alone – it’s the intricate selection of every single component. Ranging from the T3.3 KW Charger to the Net Gain Hyper 9 Powertrain, each element has been chosen with precision to resonate with the very essence of the Beetle. The wheels feature steelies adorned with Wolfsburg caps and whitewall tires, while the stopping power is heightened by four-wheel disc brakes. The chassis, thoughtfully lowered and narrowed, is enriched with contemporary suspension upgrades, completing this comprehensive and well-crafted puzzle.

Photo of Blake Rhodes' Innovative Electrified 1962 VW Beetle at Electrify Showoff in Washington, DC

Blake’s journey wasn’t devoid of challenges, but he navigated them with the same grin that his electrified Beetle elicits. “Pretty smooth build,” he quips, recounting the hurdles he faced. Smooth, not without some creative differences, but resolved with the kind of pragmatic approach that comes from a shared passion. “Overcame by doing what he (the owner) wanted done since he wrote the checks,” Blake states matter-of-factly.

In a world powered by the internet’s collective brilliance, Blake’s inspiration flows from the “great people on the internet doing super cool stuff.” The Thunderstruck BMS system with satellites caught his eye – a communication marvel that streamlines high-voltage wire bundles. And the Hyper 9’s reliability and programmability, combined with the lightweight charm of air-cooled VWs, proved an irresistible recipe.

The Drive for Fun: A Tale of Joyrides

Photo of Blake Rhodes' Innovative Electrified 1962 VW Beetle at Electrify Showoff in Washington, DC

At the crux of it all, this electrified Beetle is a testament to pure enjoyment. “These cars are supposed to be fun!” Blake exclaims. His message rings loud and clear – classic cars, whether electrified or not, embody the spirit of delight and connection. It’s a philosophy that Blake has injected into every inch of his creation.

As the automotive world hurtles toward an electric future, it’s creators like Blake Rhodes who remind us that the past doesn’t have to be left behind. Rather, it can be reimagined, revitalized, and brought into the present with an electrifying twist. His 1962 VW Beetle, a fusion of classic aesthetics and contemporary innovation, invites us to embrace the power of possibility, to look back and forward simultaneously, and to relish in the joy of driving, smiling, and making history.

For more information on Electrify Showoff driven by Yokohama Tire, visit www.electrifyexpo.com/showoff.

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Photo of Blake Rhodes' Innovative Electrified 1962 VW Beetle at Electrify Showoff in Washington, DC


Owner:Blake Rhodes
Location:Loudoun County, VA USA
Company:Twisted Voltage EV
Performance ElectronicsT3.3 KW Charger and 1 kW DC/DC
PowertrainNet Gain Hyper 9
Wheels & TiresSteelies with Wolfsburg caps and whitewall tires
Brakes4-wheel disc brakes
Chassis & SuspensionLowered 4 inches, narrowed and dropped beam, big sway bars, modern shocks
ExteriorWhite pearl with red pinstriping
LightingAll LED, vintage Amber fog lights, single 1967 reverse light
InteriorRedone covers by Sew Fine, custom headliner, seat heaters
Audio & Multimedia12v retrofit stereo, 1 speaker
Shops & MechanicsTwisted Voltage EV


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