Electrify Expo Electrifies Washington DC with 13,000 Demo Rides!
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Electrify Expo Electrifies Washington DC with 13,000 Demo Rides!

Photo of Electrify Expo in Washington DC. Over 13,000 demo rides! Attendees walking into the entrance of the show.
  • Electrify Expo, the largest EV festival in North America, debuted in Washington DC, offering attendees 13,000 demo rides.
  • Impressive lineup of featured EVs included Volvo EX90, Volkswagen ID.Buzz, BMW i7, Ford Mach-E, Kia EV9, and Tesla models.
  • Electrify Showoff recognized outstanding custom enthusiast EVs and accessories in various categories.

Last weekend, the much-awaited Electrify Expo, the largest electric vehicle (EV) festival in North America, made its stunning debut in the heart of Washington DC. with its first-ever stop on the East Coast, and set the streets ablaze with cutting-edge EVs, e-bikes, and more! This action-packed festival took over the RFK Stadium Festival Grounds, offering nearly 13,000 lucky visitors the chance to take heart-pounding test drives and rides.

Electrify Expo Washington DC: Unveiling the Future of EVs on the East Coast

Among the star-studded lineup were some impressive newcomers to the East Coast, including the sleek and fully-electric Volvo EX90 SUV, the eye-catching Volkswagen ID.Buzz, and the show-stopping Polestar 3 SUV, fresh off its triumph in San Francisco. These cutting-edge rides had the crowds buzzing with excitement!


Founder and CEO of Electrify Expo, BJ Birtwell, stated, “Electrify Expo is at the epicenter of EV adoption and consistently doing the work to ensure support at the federal level to drive the demand of going electric. The most convincing way to attract more consumers to go electric is by putting them behind the wheel or on the seat of an electric vehicle, e-bike and other forms of electric transportation. We’re looking forward to continuing this momentum next month in New York.”

Besides the exciting vehicles, Electrify Expo executives seized the opportunity to meet with members of Congress and federal agencies. They discussed the importance of EV education, overcoming obstacles to mass electrification, and the need for consumers to experience the joy of going electric firsthand.

Electrifying Showcase: A Jaw-Dropping Lineup of EVs from Top Brands

Now, let’s talk about the jaw-dropping lineup of electric vehicles showcased at the event. BMW wowed with its i7, iX xDrive50, iX M60, i4 eDrive 35, i4 eDrive 40, and i4 M50 models. Ford brought the heat with their impressive Mach-E and F-150 Lightning. Kia rolled in with the EV9, EV6, Niro EV, and Sportage. Lexus’s RZ and Mitsubishi’s Outlander PHEV turned heads too. And, of course, Tesla stole the show with its iconic Model S, 3, X, and Y. That’s just a taste of the electrifying lineup that had attendees in awe.


As if that wasn’t enough, Toyota fans were in for a treat with the Prius Prime, Prius, Rav4 Prime, Sequoia Hybrid, Corolla Cross HV, and the thrilling new BZ4X.

Volvo also came in strong with the EX90, All-electric XC40 Recharge, C40 Recharge, and the Plug-in Hybrid XC60 Recharge and XC90 Recharge. Volkswagen’s ID.Buzz and ID.4 impressed with their cutting-edge designs.

Leading Players in the Micro-Mobility Sector

  • Photo of Electrify Expo in Washington DC. Over 13,000 demo rides! Father and daughter test ride gokart
  • Photo of Electrify Expo in Washington DC. Over 13,000 demo rides! Electric bike test ride.
  • Photo of Electrify Expo in Washington DC. Over 13,000 demo rides! 2Swift Boards Electric Skateboard test ride.
  • Photo of Electrify Expo in Washington DC. Over 13,000 demo rides! Custom electric bikes at Electrify Showoff.
  • Photo of Electrify Expo in Washington DC. Over 13,000 demo rides! Custom electric bikes at Electrify Showoff.

The micro-mobility sector was well-represented, catering to urban commuters looking for sustainable and convenient transport options. Notable vendors included:

  • 2Swift
  • Addmotor Tech
  • Bosch Partner Brands: Bulls, R&M, and Tern
  • CLIP
  • DC Scooter
  • GoCycle
  • Hovsco
  • Leafy Bike
  • LeMond

Unveiling the Future: Jaw-dropping Offerings at the Micro-Mobility Aftermarket Exhibition at Electrify Expo Washington DC

The energy in the air was palpable as the micro-mobility aftermarket exhibitors unveiled their jaw-dropping offerings.

First up, 66 Custom NJ took center stage with their mind-blowing metal fabrication skills and auto customization expertise. The crowd couldn’t believe their eyes as they witnessed the mesmerizing artistry of their unique pin-striping designs. It was a feast for the eyes that left everyone utterly amazed!

But the excitement didn’t stop there! Safety took a leap forward with Brake Free Tech’s revolutionary brake light cutting-edge technology, promising riders a more secure and protected experience on the road. Thrills and peace of mind combined!


And who doesn’t love fantastic electric bike accessories? eBike Marketplace was a haven for adventure-seekers, offering a vast array of electric bikes, motorcycles, scooters and skateboards, and gear to enhance their riding escapades. From sleek helmets to powerful EVs, the possibilities were endless!

Powerful Lithium stole the spotlight with their groundbreaking lithium battery technology. It was like witnessing the future of EVs right before our eyes. Their innovation promised to elevate EV performance to outstanding levels!

And let’s not forget the ultimate comfort and style upgrade for electric vehicles. Tapia’s Seats had attendees swooning over their chic and cozy seating options. A blend of aesthetics and luxury, they truly embodied the perfect ride!

The micro-mobility aftermarket exhibition was an absolute blast from start to finish. The crowd left buzzing with excitement and inspiration, eager to explore the boundless potential of these cutting-edge offerings. A true testament to human ingenuity and innovation!

Empowering a Sustainable Future: Electrify Expo Washington DC Unveils a Dazzling Array of Innovative Renewable Energy Solutions and EV Advancements

  • Photo of Electrify Expo in Washington DC. Over 13,000 demo rides! Anker renewable energy powered Electrify Expo!

Turning to renewable energy and sustainability, Electrify Expo in Washington DC had a bunch of standout exhibitors who brought some seriously cool stuff to the table. They had innovative products and solutions in all sorts of fields, and it was really exciting to see.

For instance, Advanced Solar was there, showing off their solar solutions for homes and businesses. Anker was another standout, displaying renewable energy products for everyday use. Did you know: Electrify Expo is completely powered with renewable energy? ForestPlanet was all about the environment, and they highlighted their sustainable practices. It was so inspiring!

The Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition was also present, advocating for solar energy adoption in the area. Leviton showcased their EV charging solutions, which are becoming increasingly important as more people embrace EVs.


Oh, and I can’t forget the DC Branch of Power Home Remodeling. They were all about solar solutions for residential properties. It’s great to see more options for homeowners to go solar!

There were even exhibitors like The Rounds, who focused on sustainability initiatives, and Xnito, who had protective gear for electric vehicle owners. How cool is that?

The whole expo was just buzzing with energy and excitement. It really showed us the bright future of electric mobility and sustainable living. With all these amazing companies and their cutting-edge products, the EV revolution is definitely gaining momentum!

Electrify Showoff in DC: A Dazzling Celebration of Custom EVs and Cutting-Edge Innovations!

You won’t believe the excitement that went down at the Electrify Showoff in DC! It was like a party for custom EV enthusiasts, and boy, did they bring their A-game! Let me fill you in on all the buzzworthy highlights:

To kick things off, the main sponsor, Yokohama Tire, showcased their newest tire advancements designed exclusively for EVs. These stylish, high-performance tires are tailored to perfectly suit the distinctive requirements of EVs, providing them with a turbo-like acceleration! However, stealing the spotlight was Yokohama’s FC-1 Nitro Rallycross electric race car.

Meguiar’s, the official car care products sponsor, went all out to make EVs shine like stars. Their top-of-the-line products worked like magic to keep those electric beauties looking pristine, and trust me, the crowd was loving it! AJ Velasco proudly showcased the fresh look of his Tesla Model 3.


But hey, hold on tight because STEK, the official coating sponsor, blew everyone away with their advanced protective coatings. They made sure those EVs stay looking sharp and brand new for years to come. It’s like having a secret shield to guard against wear and tear. Among the showcased products were a customized Rivian R1S and two stunning Porsche Taycans..

And can we talk about Toyo Tires? They brought a fantastic range of tires, specially designed for electric vehicles. I mean, who knew tires could be so tailored and perfect for EVs? It’s all about maximizing performance while keeping things eco-friendly. Toyo even had the privilege of equipping Bisi Ezerioha’s Porsches and a murdered-out Ford F-150 Lightning.

Now, let me tell you, Tesla fans were in for a treat with Charged Up Performance. They had a whole lineup of Tesla-specific products and services, including some jaw-dropping performance enhancements. I swear, they managed to make Teslas even cooler!

Electrifying Highlights: Electrify Expo Unveils the Best in Sustainable Fun!

But wait, it gets better! Backfire Skateboards rocked the stage with their electric skateboards. Talk about combining fun and sustainability! The crowd couldn’t get enough of these electrifying rides, and who could blame them?

And calling all DIY lovers! Build Kit Boards had the perfect solution for riders who wanted to customize their electric skateboards. It was like a skateboarding dreamland, where you could design your own thrilling ride.

Now, let’s not forget the two-wheeler wonders! The DC PEV Museum was a sight to behold with its collection of electric bikes and scooters from different manufacturers. It was like a trip through electric vehicle history!


Jawns on Fire presented the Best Kicks award, and believe me, it was a shoe lover’s paradise. Stylish footwear for EV enthusiasts? Count me in! spotted a pair of personalized Nikes that I now deeply regret not buying…

Montez Design showcased their eye-catching designs for electric vehicles, and boy, were they a hit! Who said EVs couldn’t be fashionable? Montez Design proved that you can turn heads while helping the environment.

And last but not least, Thule had everyone covered with their innovative bike racks and cargo carriers, all specially crafted for electric vehicles. They made sure you could take your EV on any adventure, whether it’s a road trip or a biking expedition!

Electrify Showoff Awards: Illuminating the Future of Custom EVs

At Electrify Showoff, the stage was set to honor the brightest stars in the custom EV world, and the award winners truly electrified the crowd with their remarkable rides. Let’s take a closer look at these outstanding award recipients:

  • Best Sedan: AJ Velasco’s Tesla Model 3 stole the show with its sleek design and impressive performance. It’s no surprise this EV enthusiast walked away with the Best Sedan award, leaving the competition in the dust.
  • Best Coupe: Blake Rhodes and his eye-catching 1962 Volkswagen Bug wowed the judges and attendees alike with a perfect blend of classic vibes and modern efficiency, earning him the well-deserved Best Coupe award.
  • Best Use of Frunk: David Perez showcased his creativity and innovation by utilizing the frunk (front trunk) of his Tesla Model 3 Performance in a unique and practical way, earning him the Best Use of Frunk award.
  • Best Audio: David Perez’s Tesla Model 3 Performance not only impressed with its visuals but also treated spectators to an extraordinary audio/visual experience, earning him the Best Audio award.
  • Best Interior: Herve Fontaine’s attention to detail and style in the interior of the Tesla Model 3 earned him the Best Interior award, providing visitors with a glimpse of luxury and comfort.
  • Best Performance: Igor Kesilyov showcased the raw power and speed of the Tesla Model 3 Performance, securing the Best Performance award for his outstanding presentation.


  • Best Paint: The Volvo C40 impressed the judges with its flawless and attention-grabbing paint job, earning it the prestigious Best Paint award.
  • Best Wrap / Graphics by Stek: J Kagai Kinyua’s creative and eye-catching wrap and graphics on the Tesla Model 3 caught the judges’ attention, winning him the Best Wrap / Graphics award sponsored by Stek.
  • Best Stance: Cesar Zuzunaga’s impeccable stance and perfectly tuned suspension on the Tesla Model 3 Long Range earned him the Best Stance award.
  • Best Wheel/Tire pack by Alloygator: Mike Clifford’s well-chosen wheel and tire combination on the Tesla Model 3 not only enhanced its appearance but also showcased the importance of safety and performance, securing him the Best Wheel/Tire pack award sponsored by Alloygator.
  • Best E-Bike: AJ Velasco once again shined with his Super 73 electric bike, leaving the judges thrilled and naming him the winner of the Best E-Bike award.
  • Best Motorcycle: Caofen Motorcycles impressed with their innovative electric motorcycle, claiming the Best Motorcycle award and showing that the future of two-wheelers is indeed electric.
  • Best Scooter/Skateboard: Anibal showcased the Extreme Bull K4 scooter, combining fun and practicality in one sleek package, earning him the Best Scooter/Skateboard award.
  • Best SUV: Jeff Blake’s 2022 Kia EV6 Wind AWD captured the hearts of the judges and visitors, securing him the Best SUV award for its cutting-edge design and performance.


  • Best Truck: Blackout Michael Cowan’s impressive 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning demonstrated the potential of electric trucks, earning him the Best Truck award.
  • Best Booth Car: Charged Up Performance’s showcase of the Tesla Model S wowed the crowd and the judges, earning them the Best Booth Car award.
  • Best EV Conversion: Artur Kustusch’s skillful EV conversion of the 1998 Jaguar XJR showcased the possibilities of repurposing classic vehicles into eco-friendly EVs, earning him the Best EV Conversion award.
  • Best Kicks presented by Jawns on Fire: Amber Rosa’s stylish kicks caught the eyes of both the judges and fashion-forward attendees, earning her the Best Kicks award presented by Jawns on Fire.
  • Best Crew: Ruined EV’s display of seven impressive custom EVs and their dedication to the EV community earned them the prestigious Best Crew award.
  • Best of Show presented by Yokohama: AJ Velasco’s Tesla Model 3, with its overall excellence and show-stopping presence, was crowned the Best of Show presented by Yokohama, solidifying his place as the star of the event.

The award winners at the Electrify Showoff area showcased an exciting vision of electric mobility, which left the audience inspired to join. Their inventive vehicles and unwavering commitment to sustainability are paving the path towards a greener and more electrified world. With customizations and personalizations of EVs on display, the future of electric vehicles has never been more promising.

Electrify Expo: Fueling the EV Movement – Join Us in NY for an Electrifying Experience!

With its electrifying buzz and vibrant energy, Electrify Expo stands as the undeniable core and life force of the EV movement. If you couldn’t attend the D.C. event, don’t fret! The electrifying action continues in New York on August 12-13 in New York on Long Island at Nassau Coliseum. Don’t miss out, secure your tickets at www.electrifyexpo.com/attend, and invite your friends and family to join in the exciting experience of test riding and driving your favorite electric vehicles, bikes, motorcycles, and scooters!


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