Toyota bZ4X is Coming for Tesla with a $42,000 Price Tag
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Toyota bZ4X Launches w/ $42,000 Price Tag

Toyota bZ4X BEV launched with $42,000 price tag

The eagerly-awaited, all-electric Toyota bZ4X crossover is finally here— and it’s coming to the Tesla Model Y party carrying a $42,000 price tag!

The Tesla Model Y is the undisputed best-seller in the mid-sized electric crossover market (especially in Europe), but the competition is heating up with the arrival of the Volkswagen ID.4, the promised $30,000 all-electric Chevy Equinox, and now the Toyota bZ4X, which offers a compelling spec sheet, a nationwide dealer network, and Toyota’s legendary reputation for reliability, as well.

Toyota says that the “base” XLE FWD model has an EPA-certified range rating of 252 miles, while the XLE AWD model has an EPA range of 228 miles. That might seem like a big drop, but a 10% drop in “fuel economy” for an all-wheel drive system that delivers improvements in both safety and performance is a small price to pay.

Speaking of small prices to pay, the AWD “X-MODE” version of the electric Toyota comes in at just $2,000 more than the FWD version. That should be an easy upsell for any Toyota salesman throughout the snowier US states and Canada, where the bZ4X is likely to be an immensely popular crossover.


About That Name

Image courtesy Toyota.

The logic behind the “bZ4X” name is the it’s the first Toyota vehicle to be launched under the global bZ series, which stands for “Beyond Zero” and speaks to the brand’s ambitions to eventually become a carbon-negative company. “4X” is a nod to the crossover SUV’s “4×4” body style.

Toyota has plans for more BEV “bZ” vehicles, which the company says were, “developed with human-centricity at the heart, meaning it hopes to provide more than a mobility solution but also an innovative space for customers.”

The first bZ4X deliveries are slated to begin later in Q2 of 2022.



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