Electric Icon: Mercedes SL Pagoda from Everatti

Electric Icon: Mercedes SL Pagoda from Everatti

Everatti Electric Mercedes SL280

You still can’t buy a new, electric Mercedes SL from the good people of Stuttgart, but if you have any flexibility on that “new” part, the guys at Everatti may have the perfect thing.

Even when it was first launched in 1963, it was obvious that designer Paul Bracq had hit a home run. The W113 “Pagoda” roof Mercedes-Benz SL was styling masterpiece that was built to an exacting and exceptional standard. Everywhere you looked, high-tech materials from cast-aluminium door shells to individually numbered alloy bonnets, bootlids, and door skins prevailed. It was light, fast, and solidly engineered— all facts that made it an icon of glamor for wealthy men and women of the era.

Even today, the Pagoda SLs remain one of the most highly sought-after sportscars out there— one that speaks to old money and even older furniture (inherited, of course).

There’s only one thing worse than owning a classic car W113 Mercedes and not driving it: owning a classic W113 Mercedes and not being able to drive it— and, as more and more cities enact internal combustion bans in their urban centers, that’s a harsh reality that (for better or for worse) more and more automotive afficionados are being forced to deal with on a more and more regular basis.


Electric Mercedes SL, by Everatti


As delivered by the expert craftsmen at Everatti, a fully-restored, 100% electric Mercedes SL is every bit a feast for the eyes as the original— but the antiquated inline-six cylinder gasoline engine has been replaced with a thoroughly modern and thoughtfully conceived battery electric drivetrain capable of motivating the Everatti SL from 0 to 60 mph in just 7.0 seconds.

Hardly a rocket ship, sure— but the electric Mercedes offers 160 miles of “Sunday driving” and still manages to be significantly quicker than the 8.8 sec. 0-60 time from the fastest W113s of the 1960s. Besides, you’d sort of expect the people who drive cars like this to consider such talk of mere “numbers” to be vulgar and petty.

We don’t want to be vulgar and petty, right? Right! So let’s not talk about the vulgar numbers— especially not the most vulgar number of all. The price. Why not? Well, if have to ask …



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