Blix Launches All-new 'Ultra' All-terrain E-bike
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Blix Launches New Ultra All-terrain E-bike

Blix Ultra E-bike Fat Tire, Off Road

Blix calls it, “a new all-terrain fat tire ebike with unmatched versatility designed around a dual-purpose concept for on-and off-road riding.” We call it: the Ultra E-bike.

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. You really are looking at two batteries up there— and that one bit of information should tell you almost everything about the all-new Blix Ultra e-bike. It’s got more of everything— more power, more speed, more capability, and more options— than just about anything. And that’s by design.

“The Ultra concept was to design an all-terrain ebike that is practical enough to fit into your day, furthering our mission to integrate health and activity into everyday life,” says Blix founder and CEO Pontus Malmberg. “This is the most capable and versatile ebike we’ve built, and it will bring a lot of value and differentiation to the table.”

Designed around a modular concept, Blix says its new Ultra can be customized with Blix accessories for off-road adventures, commuting, and more, with practical utility racks and loading capacity up to 200 lbs. (150 lbs. in the rear, and 50 lbs. over the the front axle).

They also included this awesome animated GIF.


Blix Ultra E-bike Accessories

Image courtesy Blix.

The Ultra also features an updated version of the Blix Connect app, a new connectivity platform that connects a user’s phone to the bike via Bluetooth to, “further enhance the rider experience by providing access to features such as ride data, community feed, and over-the-air updates when needed.” Blix Connect will even allow riders to switch between class 2 and class 3 e-bike modes through the app, ensuring that it’s road-legal on every road.

“Connectivity is central in Blix product strategy and unlocks a whole new level of user experience and product improvements,” added Malmberg.

Which, like— fair enough. Everything is connected these days, and “connectivity” seems to be something that more and more e-mobility brands are pushing for. What do you think? Are you more interested in the new Blix Ultra because it has an app, or because it has two batteries, fat tires, and tons of cool accessories?

Check out the specs, below, then scroll on down to the comments section at the bottom of the page and let us know what you think of this “Ultra” e-bike.



  • Range: Dual 48V batteries (1,344Wh) 80 miles, Single 48V battery 40 miles (672Wh)
  • Top speed: Switch between Class 3: 28mph, and Class 2: 20mph
  • PAS: 5-level pedal assist and throttle, speed sensor
  • Motor: Rear hub, 750W continuous output, 90Nm torque
  • Other: 8-speed gears, Hydraulic Disc-Brakes, 26 x 4″ knobby fat tires. Front Suspension with 80mm travel and lockout, front light with 80 LUX.
  • Connectivity: Display on handlebar connects to the Blix app through Bluetooth
  • Cargo: Modular design with smart mounting points on the front head-tube holds up to 50lbs, and optional heavy duty rear rack with 150lbs capacity for cargo or 2nd passenger.
  • New Accessories: Fenders, heavy-duty rear rack including rear light, wheel guard, foot pegs, mini VIP
  • Colors: Available in Slate Gray, Sage Green and White
  • Launch Price: $2,399 – dual battery, $1,999 – single battery
  • Estimated shipping: July, 2022


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