Developed by Engineers from Space X, the 500 HP Arc One Gets Real!
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Blastoff: 500 HP Arc One Gets Real!

Launch of Arc One 500 hp – 370kW electric boat from Space X engineers

Developed by a team of former Space X engineers, the 500 HP Arc Once electric power boat is finally in series production!

Earlier this week, Arc Boats announced that its highly-anticipated “One” e-boat was finally available for sale, with production underway and deliveries set to begin later this summer. And, in case our excitement isn’t coming through, we are psyched about this latest entry into the electric maritime market!

“Electrifying the world of boating holds enormous potential for people and the planet,” reads the company’s website. “And we’re here to make that happen at scale. The Arc One is a thrilling start to this journey.”


Out of This World

Watch the Hotly Anticipated Arc One Electric Speedboat Hit the Water
Image courtesy Arc Boats.

If the Arc One looks a bit like a rocket ship, that’s probably because the company’s co-founder, Mitch Lee, was a mechanical engineer at Boeing. Arc One’s other co-founder? That would be Lee’s college friend Ryan Cook, who just happened to have a “Lead Engineer” title at a little startup called Space X. And, when Lee reached out to Cook to talk about his dream of building a high performance electric boat, Cook was in.

“A lot of those skills [from aerospace] are directly transferable to boat building,” Lee said, during an interview on the Plugboats podcast. “If you think about it, the hull of a boat is pretty similar to the nose of a rocket.”

Sounds good to us. You can check out some of the Arc Boats One’s key specs, below, then watch the official launch video below that. Once you’re done, scroll on down to the comments section and let us know what you think of this 500 HP space water craft!


Arc Boats One Specifications

Power500 hp (≈370kW)
Top Speed40 mph
Length24 feet
Usage (Range)3-5 hours
Battery capacity220 kWh
Seating Capacity12
Starting Price$300,000







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