Upgrade Your Bike with CLIP: Takes You Further, Faster, and at a Fraction of the Cost!
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Upgrade Your Bike with CLIP: Takes You Further, Faster, and at a Fraction of the Cost!

Photo of blue city bike with CLIP pedal-assist installed
  • CLIP instantly transforms any bike into an affordable pedal-assist e-bike using friction drive technology.
  • It’s compatible with a wide range of bikes, including shared bike services like Citibike.
  • Designed for urban commuters, offering a comfortable distance of 10-15 miles and quick 40-minute charging.

Attention all bike enthusiasts and urban commuters! We have some exciting news that will transform your biking experience. Introducing CLIP, the portable consumer device designed to instantly transform any bike into a pedal-assist e-bike. And the best part? It comes at a fraction of the price of a traditional e-bike.

Photo of a man and woman walking their bikes on the side walk. The woman's bike has a CLIP pedal-assist product installed to the front wheel.

Upgrade Your Bike with CLIP: The Portable Pedal-Assist E-Bike

Compatibility for All Bikes

CLIP is the ultimate bike upgrade, compatible with all city, road, and hybrid bikes sporting a 26” to 28” front tire and any fork stem thickness. Unfortunately, it’s not compatible with suspension forks, but for all other bikes, CLIP is ready to transform your ride!

Friction Drive Technology

CLIP’s power and unique plug-and-play features stem from its friction drive, a mechanical transmission type that sets it apart from the crowd. When you engage CLIP, the small roller on the device transmits torque directly to your front tire, propelling you forward without the need for complex sprockets or gears. Friction drive technology has been around since the early 1900s, from the Lambert drive to the more famous VeloSolex. Now, CLIP brings this technology into the modern age, offering an affordable and efficient way to upgrade your bike.

Photo of woman installing the CLIP to her bike. Plug and Play installation.

Easy Installation with Zero Tools

Worried about complicated installations? Fear not! CLIP is designed to be user-friendly, requiring ZERO tools. It comes ready to ride straight out of the box, ensuring a hassle-free experience from the moment you receive it.

Compatibility with Shared Bike Services

Are you a fan of shared bike services like Citibike? We’ve got great news for you! CLIP is specifically designed to work seamlessly with all shared bikes, including Citibike. While CLIP is currently not endorsed by Citibike, we are actively working towards partnerships with bikeshare operators in the future. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting collaboration!


Take Your Commute to the Next Level

Optimal Distance Coverage

CLIP was meticulously designed with urban commuters in mind, aiming to encourage more people to choose biking as their primary mode of transportation. With CLIP, you can comfortably bike a distance of up to 10-15 miles in approximately 45 minutes. Say goodbye to traffic congestion and hello to a stress-free and efficient commute!

Quick Charging for Minimal Downtime

Concerned about charging time? Fret not! It only takes around 40 minutes to fully recharge your CLIP from 0 to 100%. For regular top-ups, you’ll be back on the road within just 10-20 minutes, allowing you to keep up with your busy schedule without unnecessary delays.

Photo of CLIP quick charging on desk next to apple macbook air laptop

No Phone App? No Problem!

While CLIP works perfectly fine without a phone app, we highly recommend pairing it with the CLIP app for an enhanced biking experience. Exciting features will soon be available, and their upcoming iOS/Android companion app will take your biking adventures to new heights. Keep an eye out for its launch!


Safety Matters: Helmet Up!

Stay Safe with a Helmet

Safety should always be a top priority when it comes to biking. We strongly advise wearing a helmet while riding with CLIP to mitigate the risk of head injuries in case of accidents. Helmets play a vital role in preventing serious head and face injuries, reducing the risk by a significant margin.

The Helmet Advantage

Studies have consistently shown the benefits of wearing a helmet. In fact, wearing a bicycle helmet reduces the risk of head injury by 48% and the risk of serious head injury by a remarkable 60%. It’s a small investment that can make a significant difference in your safety on the road.

Photo of man and woman wearing helmets and riding bikes on a city street. The bike the woman is riding has the CLIP pedal-assist product installed. They are both smiling.

Pre-Order Now and Secure Your CLIP

Limited Batch Pre-Orders

Eager to be one of the first to try out the amazing CLIP innovation? Upgrade your bike, enhance your commute, and embrace the future of biking with CLIP. The biking world is about to change, and you don’t want to be left behind. Pre-order your CLIP today for $50 and secure your spot in the limited batch. Pay the remaining amount when they’re ready to ship, and enjoy the peace of mind of a fully refundable pre-order with a 30-day return policy. The first batch has sold out quickly, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. Reserve your CLIP now and unlock the incredible potential of this innovative device.

Photo of CLIP unboxed


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  1. Looks horrendous and you don’t publish thr price. When you click on the link you get to spin a wheel giving you 94% off and finally are taken to a set of cheap spanners!

    What a load of s***

  2. I love this! i just love to see new products continuously stream into market each year. now if someone can make a city commuter short range version of the aptera motors sunlight powered car, i will be so excited!

    i love technology, and humanity!

  3. 500$ for this?Hahahaha!You must be joking.With 730$ from Geek or Bangood you can buy a 29 inch 750w motor electric bike very good looking.Check it out snd see.

  4. Does it work in the rain? I would be concerned about the rubber drive wheel slipping

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