OKAI Announces 2024 E-Bike Lineup
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OKAI Announces 2024 E-Bike Lineup

OKAI Announces 2024 E-Bike Lineup - LyteCycle EB60 in black
  • OKAI now focuses on personal ownership with its innovative 2024 e-bike lineup.
  • The OKAI LyteCycle EB60 features a sleek design and advanced safety features, including customizable lighting and a torque sensor.
  • The OKAI E-Kargo EB70 offers versatility, supporting heavy loads and providing multiple starting options.

OKAI has launched its highly anticipated 2024 lineup of e-bikes. With over a decade of expertise in fueling the growth of shared e-scooters and e-bikes worldwide, OKAI is now focusing on personal ownership by introducing innovative designs and advanced features.


With an impressive track record of shipping over 2 million units and featuring a portfolio of 200+ patents, OKAI repeats its commitment to excellence by designing and manufacturing its own frames, battery packs, and core components. Introducing the OKAI LyteCycle EB60, OKAI E-Kargo EB70, and OKAI TraVRS EB80 is a major milestone in their mission to shape the future of electric biking.

The star of the show, the OKAI LyteCycle EB60, sets itself apart in 2024 with its minimalistic design and advanced features. Offering a customizable front lighting bar for improving safety and visibility in various riding conditions, the EB60 prioritizes rider safety without compromising on style. As Amanda Gao, VP of OKAI Global Business, proudly states, “The OKAI LyteCycle EB60 combines cutting-edge design with advanced safety features, offering cyclists a truly exceptional riding experience.”

The EB60 incorporates a torque sensor to deliver an authentic pedaling experience, ensuring a seamless transition between electric and manual modes. The EB60 is now available in the North American market, with plans for expansion into the European market. With its advanced performance and design, it’s set to raise the bar for e-bikes everywhere.


The OKAI E-Kargo EB70 cargo ebike includes versatility and functionality, catering to the diverse needs of modern cyclists in 2024. Offering three distinct starting options via the OKAI app, power button, or NFC card, the EB70 provides convenience and ease of use. With a maximum load capacity of 440lbs and compatibility with cargo accessory add-ons, this e-bike is ideal for transporting goods.

Rod Judd, Director of Membership for PeopleForBikes, expresses his enthusiasm for OKAI’s partnership, stating, “PeopleForBikes is pleased to partner with OKAI as a valued member and an important supporter of our work to build better bicycling.” This collaboration highlights OKAI’s dedication to promoting sustainable mobility solutions and fostering a community of cycling enthusiasts worldwide.

The OKAI TraVRS EB80 offers connectivity and power, catering to the needs of tech-savvy riders. Featuring a smartphone mount for seamless navigation and charging functionality to keep devices powered on the go, the EB80 ensures riders stay connected throughout their ride. The ebike has a maximum power output of 700W and integrated AirTag support for added security.

As Amanda Gao aptly sums up, “We are glad to be back to the Sea Otter and presenting our 2024 OKAI e-bikes & e-scooters lineup to all the cycling enthusiasts.” With its new designs and commitment to excellence, OKAI continues to lead the charge in shaping the future of personal mobility.



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