New Trek eMTB is Less e, More MTB to Suit Serious Riders


New Trek eMTB is Less e, More MTB

Trek goes ultra stealthy with Fuel EXe electric mountainbike

Trek has released its new 2023 Fuel Exe trail bikes with less focus on raw power and more on keeping things compact and light.

The Fuel EXe is built around a super-quiet HPR50 motor that was developed in partnership with German robotics company TQ. HPR stands for Harmonic Pin Ring, which is a drive mechanism that works similarly to a rotary motor. This keeps the motor small and light enough (weighing only 3.9 pounds) to be mounted behind the front chainring on the bike. The motor is capable of producing 50 Nm (36.8 lb-ft) of torque for “mid-level assist” across three power modes (plus a walk-assist function) and can offer pedal assist up to 20 mph.

The 360-Wh battery is significantly slimmer than those you’d find on a traditional eMTB, but it has enough capacity to offer between two to five hours of assisted riding per charge, with a full top-up taking about two hours. The battery is just 4 pounds, can be removed with hex keys, and comes with a built-in carrying handle.

If you’re an e-bike rider who needs to go farther between charges, there is the optional 160-Wh bottle-cage range extender that plugs into the battery’s charging port to add another two and a half hours on the trail.

All of the Fuel EXe models come with a carbon frame and internal cable routing. They’re also equipped with 29-inch wheels with 2.5-inch-wide Bontrager tires, along with hydraulic disc brakes. This eMTB also comes with a new mobile companion app that lets riders customize their motor’s performance, map their rides, monitor tire pressure and suspension, track activity, and calculate remaining range in real time.


Trek Fuel EXe eMTB


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