Lectric eBikes Launches the XPress, An Affordable, High-Performance Electric Bike with PWR+ Torque Technology
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Lectric eBikes Launches the XPress, An Affordable, High-Performance Electric Bike with PWR+ Torque Technology

Lectric eBikes Launches the XPress An Affordable High-Performance Electric Bike for Adults with PWR Torque Technology
  • Lectric eBikes, known for its budget-friendly yet advanced electric bikes, has sold over 400,000 bikes in four years.
  • The new XPress ebike for adults reinforces Lectric eBikes’ industry leadership with features like a torque sensor and PWR+ technology.
  • The XPress offers two motor and battery options, up to 60 miles on a charge, and UL 2849 certification for battery safety.

Lectric eBikes, the fastest-growing electric bike company in the U.S., continues to make waves with their newest release: the XPress electric commuter bike. With a reputation for providing advanced yet budget-friendly electric bikes, Lectric eBikes is once again setting the standard. Their dedication to quality and affordability has resonated with customers nationwide, resulting in an impressive sales record of over 400,000 bikes sold in just four years.


With the launch of the new XPress model, Lectric eBikes is reinforcing its standing as a frontrunner in the electric biking world. Featuring full-size, 27.5-inch wheels and an innovative torque sensor, the XPress is tailor-made for urban adventures and daily commutes alike. Powered by Lectric’s state-of-the-art PWR+ technology, the torque sensor fine-tunes pedal assistance, ensuring a seamless riding experience that blends human power with electrical assistance.

“We’re confident we’ve cracked the code for human power combined with electric power,” said Levi Conlow, CEO of Lectric eBikes. He acknowledges the challenges previous torque sensors encountered: “Historically, there have been flaws with torque sensors – if you want to reach a maximum speed using any pedal assist level, you have to exert maximum effort. And top speeds are typically governed at each level so that the assistance you get from the electric power stutters, creating an unnatural riding experience, and in many cases stops working.”

Lectric eBikes Launches the XPress An Affordable High-Performance Electric Bike for Adults with PWR Torque Technology

The XPress commuter ebike offers two motor and battery options: a 500-watt motor with a 10.4Ah battery providing up to 45 miles on a single charge and a 750-watt motor with a 14Ah battery offering around 60 miles. The Class 3 eBike seamlessly integrates PWR+ technology to help riders achieve top speeds with less effort. Additionally, the XPress comes with an 11-28 tooth, 7-speed drivetrain, 180mm hydraulic disc brakes, and upgraded TC Eighty front suspension forks. Its 27.5-inch by 2.1-inch city tires provide the perfect grip for city streets.


Lectric eBikes has taken another step in strengthening the XPress’s status as a trustworthy and dependable ride by attaining UL 2849 certification. This certification, which encompasses battery safety throughout the entire electrical setup including the motor, battery pack, charger, and management systems, offers riders a sense of assurance and peace of mind.

Conlow is clear on what drives their success: “If you build an eBike with all the value and high quality that people want and offer it for a price that’s not a penny more than it needs to be, it will resonate with people and build lasting relationships.”

Priced competitively starting at $999.00 for the 500-watt motor, the XPress is available in both high-step and step-thru models with an exclusive offer for early adopters. During the pre-order period, customers opting for the 750-watt motor will receive a spare long-range battery, doubling the bike’s total range to 120 miles. Shipping is set to begin in June.



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