It's Evil vs. the (E-bike) World, and the Epocalypse is Here to Win!
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It’s Evil vs. the (E-bike) World

This Evil E-bike packs more power than a motorcycle, is black as night, and costs as much as a semester at college. Admit it: you want it!

Evil Bikes isn’t exactly known for being prim and unassuming — they have a downhill bike called the Wreckoning, after all. Now the company has joined the e-bike world with its amazingly named Epocalypse trail bike.

Taking its design inspiration from the Wreckoning MTB, the Epocalypse is the result of a ton of Shimano equipment, from the motor and batteries to the brakes and 12-speed cogset. It has a Shimano EP8 250 W mid-mount motor that gets up to 85 Nm (62.6 lb-ft) of torque – which compares favorably to a Harley-Davidson 883.

That absolute brute of an electric motor offers up two power profiles: Profile 1 cranks out the maximum watts (as in “Watt the F*@#!?”), while Profile 2 uses a more conservative power output for those who worry about draining the battery too fast.

Speaking of the battery, it has 630 Wh of capacity, and the fully integrated bike design has a quick release that allows for 10-second battery swaps. The bike will also be compatible with the Shimano E-Tube Project app, where riders can customize their settings for a custom experience.

The ride itself is designed for super-rough terrain, with a Rockshox ZEB Ultimate front suspension fork with 170 mm of travel and a Rockshox Super Deluxe Coil Ultimate giving it 166 mm of rear travel. The rear suspension can be tuned with a single-pivot linkage system. 

The Epocalypse is currently listed as “sold out” on the Evil Bikes website, but reportedly comes with a price tag of about $12,000 – so it’ll probably remain a rare sight out on the trails.


Evil Epocalypse E-bike is the eMTB of Your (Scary) Dreams



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