Ultra-luxe BYD Denza D9 Van Arrives at Dealers'


Ultra-luxe BYD Denza D9 Van Arrives

The Denza D9 should be arriving at dealerships this week, according to Zhao Changjiang, general manager of BYD sales.

BYD is actually launching three new Denzas this year, and the D9 is the first. The D9 is a van that comes in two “pure” electric versions and one hybrid drive version. Both all-electric versions offer over 600 km (372.8 miles) of range and a maximum charging power of 166 kW. Meanwhile, the hybrid versions will have driving ranges between 945 and 1040 km (587 to 646 miles) on a single tank + charge, and offer up to 80 kW DC fast charging for lightning-fast fill-ups.

The Denza D9 definitely seems built for families with long travel in mind, as it comes with seven screens throughout the interior. Three are in the front, from the 10.25-inch instrument panel and 15.6-inch central control screen to the head-up display. Then there are two more screens in the front seat backs and then another two in the second-row armrests. An extra bonus is the refrigerator between the front seats, which is accessible by people in the second row.

The price starts at 335,000 yuan ($49,668) for the hybrid version, and the BEV version starts at 390,000 yuan ($57,823). Interest in the D9 was huge, with the model reportedly getting 3,000 reservations in the first 30 minutes after its launch.

The Denza is a result of a joint venture between Chinese brand BYD and Mercedes-Benz. BYD made the announcement earlier this year that the company would be manufacturing only fully electric (BEV) and heavily electrified plug-in hybrid (PHEV) cars from now on.

The BYD Denza D9 show car will arrive at dealers next week, according to Zhao Changjiang, General Manager of Denza’s sales division. Zhao also shared that he is currently preparing for Denza D9’s upcoming launch conference and that a coupe will be launched in the near future. Previously, Zhao announced that delivery will begin in late August.




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