Introducing the Rattan Quercus Cargo E-Bike with Dual Battery, Torque Sensor, and Hydraulic Suspension
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Introducing the Rattan Quercus Cargo E-Bike with Dual Battery, Torque Sensor, and Hydraulic Suspension

Woman and man riding the Rattan Quercus Cargo E-Bike with Dual Battery, Torque Sensor, and Hydraulic Suspension
  • The Rattan Quercus cargo e-bike offers an impressive range of up to 100 miles, perfect for urban commuters seeking sustainable transportation.
  • Its dual battery setup provides a total capacity of 40 Ah, ensuring extended rides without power concerns, appealing to both commuters and leisure riders.
  • Advanced features like a torque sensor for precise control and hydraulic suspension fork for stability make the Quercus a safe and high-performance choice for navigating city streets.

The need for efficient and environmentally friendly transportation solutions is growing stronger. Introducing Rattan, a company dedicated to creating affordable electric bikes designed for eco-conscious family riders. With their newest innovation, the Rattan Quercus, they’re transforming commuting for city dwellers who value sustainability and convenience.


Rattan’s journey from a traditional bicycle manufacturer to a leading ebike brand has taken over a decade. They have remained committed in their dedication to sustainability, affordability, and technology. With a strong research and development team, they continuously innovate, pushing the limits of urban mobility.

The Rattan Quercus surfaces from this legacy as a beacon of sustainability and efficiency. Designed to meet the evolving needs of urban commuters, the Quercus cargo e-bike strikes an optimal balance between durability and performance. With features like an extra bright headlight, large cargo capacity, and extended range of up to 100 miles, the bike has become attractive amongst micromobility enthusiasts.

Rattan has recognized the growing need for commuters to have an electric bike that not only offers sustainability but also caters to practical needs like cargo capacity and extended range. The Quercus is their answer to that demand, offering a blend of innovation and functionality.

The Quercus features a dual battery setup, a feature eagerly awaited by commuters and leisure riders alike. This option provides a total capacity of 40 Ah, guaranteeing longer rides without the worry of running out of power mid-commute. With a payload capacity of up to 450 lbs and a Class 3 speed classification, the Quercus is equipped to handle the demands of urban commuting with ease.


“I’m finally able to make my longer commute comfortably without having to rely on transit schedules,” shares a Rattan Quercus Cargo E-Bike Enthusiast. “The cargo capacity of the Quercus means I can easily take my work materials with me, making my daily routine much smoother.”

Key to the Quercus’s exceptional performance is its torque sensor, providing precise control and responsiveness. This allows riders to navigate various road conditions with confidence, while the hydraulic suspension fork enhances stability and safety.

Safety is paramount with the Quercus, evident in features like tail light turn signals for enhanced visibility and compliance with regulatory requirements. Coupled with a highly visible LCD screen and smartphone charging capabilities, the Quercus offers a seamless and tech-savvy riding experience.

With its durable build, innovative features, and affordable price tag, the Rattan Quercus is ready to establish new benchmarks in urban mobility. Whether you’re commuting to work or running errands, this long-range e-bike is versatile for environmentally aware individuals seeking a more sustainable way to travel around the city. Available now for just $1,899.00 (Regularly priced at $2,299.00, Save $400.00)



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