The Veer Cycle Mission: Transforming Light Electric Vehicles with the Shift Drive System
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The Veer Cycle Mission: Transforming Light Electric Vehicles with the Shift Drive System

Fueled by its mission to combat climate change, Veer accelerates LEV adoption with innovative solutions like the Shift Drive system. Launches StartEngine campaign for Shift Drive.
  • The Veer Cycle Shift Drive System revolutionizes light electric vehicles (LEVs) by replacing traditional chains and gearboxes, ensuring seamless shifting and optimal performance.
  • Through partnerships like Phatfour and product launches at events like Eurobike, Veer Cycle is driving LEV innovation, making eco-friendly transportation more accessible.
  • With the global bicycle market projected to hit $147.24 billion by 2027 and the electric bike market expected to reach $52.59 billion by 2028, Veer Cycle’s Shift Belt Drive system offers consumers increased efficiency and durability.

Veer Cycle stands out as a symbol of innovation, ready to transform the light electric vehicle (LEV) sector with its state-of-the-art drivetrain solutions. Rooted in a mission to democratize access to belt drives and electric mobility, Veer is driven by a vision of a sustainable future, where efficient transportation solutions are accessible to all.


At the heart of Veer’s transformative approach lies its commitment to harnessing the power of carbon fiber drivetrains and innovative drive systems. By using advanced technology, the company aims to swap out old-fashioned chain drives and gearbox transmissions, bringing in a new age of updated LEVs.

“The technology used in LEVs today is antiquated, rooted in designs over 140 years old,” explains Sean Hacking, founder and chief technical officer of Veer Cycle. “Our Shift Drive System eliminates the need for traditional chain systems and gearboxes, which not only have higher costs but also demand regular maintenance.”

Veer harnesses carbon fiber drivetrains and innovative systems, replacing outdated chain drives and gearboxes to modernize LEVs for electrified transportation in cities.

Veer Cycle’s Shift Drive system marks a big change in LEV efficiency, providing smooth shifting and optimal motor performance at different speeds. This innovation addresses a crucial gap in the market, where many LEVs struggle to operate efficiently due to the absence of a gear-changing mechanism.

By forming strategic partnerships and launching new products, Veer Cycle is ready to make a big impact on the industry. The recent collaboration with Phatfour, an electric bike brand based in the Netherlands, features Veer Cycle’s commitment to driving progress in the LEV market.


“Our partnership with Phatfour and the unveiling of our Super Belt and Xpert Drive product lines at Eurobike signify our progressive trajectory,” says Hacking. “Additionally, our StartEngine campaign aims to accelerate the launch of our Shift Drive system, further solidifying our position as leaders in LEV innovation.”

Veer’s market advances are backed by promising statistics, with projections indicating substantial growth in the global bicycle and electric bike markets. By 2027, the worldwide bicycle market is expected to surge to $147.24 billion, according to Fortune Business Insights report, while the electric bike market is projected to reach $52.59 billion by 2028.

Consumers can enjoy numerous benefits from the Veer Cycle Shift Belt Drive system. From better efficiency and less maintenance to stronger durability and smoother performance, the Shift system provides a complete solution to modern LEV challenges.

“The LEV industry is experiencing rapid growth and is prime for fresh innovation,” highlights Hacking. “We are focused on delivering a more reliable, cost-effective, and safer drivetrain system that aligns with our vision of a sustainable future.”



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