E-bikes a Big Hit With Rural LA Hunters
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E-bikes a Hit With LA Hunters

Hunters in Louisiana are quietly shifting gears about the way they get in and out of the woods as E-Bike sales across Louisiana are on the increase. And yes, it's exactly what you think, an electric bicycle that can be used for hunting, even for hunting large game like deer. Read More: E-Bikes are the Next Big Thing for Louisiana Hunters | https://973thedawg.com/e-bikes-are-the-next-big-thing-for-louisiana-hunters/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral

E-bike sales have been exploded in recent years, gaining fans from every demographic— including, apparently hunters in rural LA!

After gaining prominence amid post-COVID “work from home” culture and rising energy costs, the popularity of e-bikes has continued to surge thanks to the fun and adventure e-bike riders enjoy. The latest audience to discover all the great ways e-bikes (and e-mobility, in general) can improve their day, apparently, is hunters in rural Louisiana!

The advantages these bikes offer to hunters are numerous. For one, there’s the speed, with many e-bikes enabling hunters to travel up to 28 mph. But there’s also the noise factor — not only are hunters using a quiet electric motor instead of the roaring engine of a four-wheeler, the bikes’ lower mass means they’re also cracking half the fallen branches and leaves that they would with a traditional four-wheeled ride on the way to their deer stand.

And, while we’re on the topic, the e-bikes don’t smell like 2-stroke oil and burning diesel, either!


Plenty of Hunting Accessories Available

Image courtesy QuietKat.

The e-bikes that hunters use are rugged ones, with the power to haul out any necessary equipment as well as accessories like trailers to bring bagged game back to their home base. Their wide tires help with maneuverability on uneven terrain, and hunters can go out and back on a single charge easily.

Just like any motorized vehicle, there are laws regarding how hunters should use their e-bikes during their trips. All riders must carry an operator’s license and registration, and wearing a helmet is required. Most state parks allow class 1 (20 mph) e-bikes wherever traditional bicycles are allowed.


Earth Tones and Camo Prints Help E-bikes Blend In




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