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Outrider e-ATV Takes Anyone, Anywhere

Outrider USA Coyote Is An All-Electric 4WD That Could Change The World

E-mobility isn’t just changing cities— it’s changing everything, and the new Outrider USA Coyote might change the way you think about ATVs.

The Outrider USA Coyote 4WD combines innovative thinking with proven e-bike technology to deliver am all-electric, go-anywhere, off-road experience that the company can be enjoyed by everyone— and they really do mean everyone, because the Coyote was designed to enable disabled people to have the opportunity to get out and enjoy nature in ways that simply weren’t possible before.

Designed as an extremely off-road capable, all-electric ATV that weighs around 200 lbs., the Coyote can fit into the back of a mid-sized SUV and— thanks to its massive, 6000 Wh battery— deliver off-road fun to both able-bodied and disabled outdoor enthusiasts alike.

The Coyote packs a 5000W hub motor 4WD system that puts a drive motor in each of the four wheels before wrapping them with aggressively knobby off-road tires. A proprietary aluminum monocoque frame that’s both light and strong holds up the articulating suspension, while its biggest (optional) 6,048 wH battery will deliver between 80 and 140 (One-hundred and forty!) miles of range. Other available options include a cargo rack, headlight, hi-viz LED lights, and an electronics charging package with two USB ports and a 12V outlet to power accessories off the beaten path.

Outrider USA offered a few of its Coyotes to some paraplegic hunting and fishing enthusiasts for the purposes of this marketing video to demonstrate the kind of difference this vehicle can make in the lives of veterans, accident victims, and even people with congenital limitations on mobility. The world of possibilities products like this can open up are truly impressive, and we can’t wait to try one out for ourselves!

That’s enough from us. Check out the “world’s lightest 4WD” EV in Outrider’s official video, below, then let us know what you think of this featherweight e-ATV in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


World’s Lightest 4WD | Outrider Coyote 4WD







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