Cyrusher Unveils Nitro, a Groundbreaking Mid-Drive E-Bike
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Cyrusher Unveils Nitro, a Groundbreaking Mid-Drive E-Bike

Cyrusher's Nitro electric bike near storage containers
  • Nitro is Cyrusher’s first mid-drive e-bike
  • features fat tires and full suspension
  • long range capabilities and a ton of power

Cyrusher, combining the words ‘cycling’ and ‘rusher’ to create the innovative brand pronounced as “sigh-rusher.” With a heritage dating back to 2014, Cyrusher’s inception can be traced to Harry Xie, the founder, who initiated his journey by retailing bicycle components online from his China-based headquarters.

However, Xie’s entrepreneurial insight swiftly led him to recognize an even greater potential – crafting comprehensive bikes rather than mere bicycle parts. Collaborating with co-founder Néstor Sulú, the duo embarked on a transformative venture, giving rise to the line of Cyrusher electric bikes. Cyrusher e-bikes have gained a global presence, captivating cycling enthusiasts worldwide. Cyrusher e-bikes are available across prominent markets such as the UK, the US, and extensively throughout Western Europe. 

The brand’s electric bicycles pass rigorous international quality tests and meet CE, UL, Rhos and FCC requirements. Additionally, Australia, China, the EU, Japan, Korea and the USA have registered and approved the brand. An offline store test-ride service has also been introduced in a number of nations, including the USA, UK and France. 

They seem to have an emphasis on green energy and sustainability, and they do wax poetic about their after-sales service. The website has a chat that’s available 24/7. 

Unleashing Power and Performance: Cyrusher Nitro E-Bike with a Mighty 1000W Bafang Mid-Drive

Photo of the black and blue Cyrusher Nitro electric bike
Note the beefy, motorcycle-style triple-clamp fork setup. Photo courtesy of Cyrusher

The Cyrusher Nitro is their latest model, a fat-tire bike with a 1000W Bafang mid-drive. Bafang is a well-known, reliable brand, but the 1000W motor is an interesting choice in that it offers a TON of power, but it’s also 250W more powerful than is technically legal in most states. Most limit e-bike nominal power output to 1 horsepower, or 750W. This is Cyrusher’s first e-bike with a mid-drive.

The mid-drive offers less unsprung weight than a hub motor, centers the bike’s mass, and offers a built-in torque sensor for better control and a more natural feel to the power delivery. The harder you pedal, the more the motor helps you. 

This motor offers a whopping 160 Nm of torque, can be actuated by the throttle or pedals, and the brake levers have cutoff switches that immediately cut power to the motors when braking. Speaking of brakes, 4-piston hydraulic brakes front- and rear provide the stopping power. If you’ve ever ridden an electric fat bike, you know how important this is.

Enhanced Power and Durability: Unveiling the Resilient Battery System of the Cyrusher Nitro Mid-Motor Bike

The battery that powers the mid-mounted engine on the Cyrusher Nitro is still as secure, water-resistant and durable as the usual model. The motor system has an IP65 rating, which means you can ride it in dust, dirt, sand, snow and even rain, but you can’t submerge it. In combination with the mid-motor’s more efficient power transmission, they say the 960Wh battery allows the bike to cover up to 85 miles (claimed) and the company claims the battery is good for up to 800 charge cycles. The fact that the battery is integrated into the down tube makes the bike far more attractive.

Photo of the Cyrusher Nitro full-color display
Bafang’s new full-color displays are bright, beautiful and easy to read. Photo courtesy of Cyrusher

Versatile Performance: Conquer Any Terrain with 24” Fat Tires

The bike is set up with 24” wheels and puncture-resistant 4” fat tires. Fat tires are great on almost any terrain, and they can be set up with high pressure for low rolling resistance on-road, then you can drop the pressure for off-road use, and even more-so for dry sand or snow/ice conditions. And, of course, fat bikes are a beast when riding in the hills, it’s the bicycle equivalent of a monster truck!

Photo of a man riding the Cyrusher Nitro on sand
Fat tire bikes offer great grip on just about any surface. Photo courtesy of Cyrusher

Enhanced Riding Experience: 135mm Full-Suspension Setup with Customizable Air Shocks and Integrated Dropper Post

The full-suspension setup offers 135mm of travel. They’re air shocks, brand and model unspecified, but they do offer damping adjustment based on rider weight and comfort. Compared to enduro-length travel offered on some mountain bikes, 135mm may not sound like a lot, but remember that those high-volume tires also take some of the shock out of bumps and hard landings. 

As an additional creature comfort, they’ve included a dropper post. Nowhere in the literature does it say how it’s actuated, but from the looks of some of the photos, the lever is mounted by your left thumb, right by the thumb throttle, motor controller switch, and brake lever. Your left hand may be quite busy riding this beast.

Optimal Features and Build of the Cyrusher Nitro E-Bike: Powerful Mid-Motor Design, Impressive Load Capacity, and Convenient Assembly

The Nitro was designed with a mid-motor that helps keep the bike’s center of gravity very much in the center. This and the beefy build quality allow the bike to carry up to 200kg of cargo. Additionally, its high load capacity ensures that the bike’s weight doesn’t negatively impact its performance.

It has a Shimano 10-speed drivetrain with an e-bike rated chain to handle getting the power to the back wheel. It’s an M6000, a fairly entry-level cassette and derailleur, but still Shimano quality.

The press release says that it has front- and rear LED lights, but the photos show none. In fact, the press release reads like it was made using Google Translate. The website has similar issues, like they copied and pasted information from another model and made a few changes, but not enough corrections.

The bike ships direct to you in a box, 90% assembled. They do provide all the tools you’ll need to assemble it. There is an owner’s manual with assembly instructions online. You may also be able to take it to your local bike shop and have it assembled for you, which I highly recommend if you don’t have a lot of experience building and wrenching on bikes.

The Nitro comes with a 2 year warranty on the mechanical and electrical parts of the bike, and 1 year on the battery.


ForkTriple-clamp air suspension fork, 135mm travel
MotorBafang 48V, 1000W mid-drive motor
BatteryLithium-ion 48V, 960Wh
Charge Time8-10 hours
Top Speed30 mph
RangeUp to 85 miles (claimed)
Rear derailleurShimano M6000 10-speed
Chain126 link, 10-speed
BrakesHydraulic Disc Brakes
TiresKenda 26”x4” puncture-resistant
Weight74 lbs
Color ChoiceOnyx Black or Citrine (step-over), Seafoam Green or Moonrock Grey (Step-over)
SizesOne size, fits 5’7” to 6’6”

Evaluating the Cyrusher Nitro: Colors, Weight, Price, and Performance Considerations

The Cyrusher Nitro is available in three color options, grey, red, and blue, to suit different rider preferences. I haven’t ridden one, so I can’t speak to the exact ride quality. Test rides seemingly can only be done in the U.S. at their headquarters in Logan, Utah. The offer of rental locations on their website doesn’t go anywhere. 

This bike weighs 74 lbs. That’s heavier than most e-bike-rated racks are rated for. That’s one consideration. At the very least, you’ll need to remove the battery from the frame before mounting it to shave off around 10 lbs of weight. It’s another consideration if you have to carry the bike upstairs. You don’t want to leave an expensive bike outside.

At $4499, it’s kind of expensive for what you get. Yes, it has a big battery for long range, and the beefy triple-clamp suspension fork, but for these prices, I’d like to see some better brand names like SRAM or RockShox components and brand name hydraulic brakes with larger rotors. Also, the front wheel has a quick release. For a bike this heavy and powerful, it really should have a through-axle. Check that axle often, because if it gets loose, it could be disastrous. Caveat emptor: The 1000W motor and 30 mph top speed make it technically out-of-spec to be even a class 3 e-bike in most states.

For more information, visit

  • Powerful 1000W Motor w/160Nm of torque (Check local regulations)
  • 960Wh Samsung battery
  • Range up to 85 miles (claimed)
  • Full suspension fat bike
  • Max load: 440 lbs
  • Rider Height: 5’7” – 6’6”
  • 2 year warranty



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