Conquer the Urban Jungle with AnyHill Scooters
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Conquer the Urban Jungle with AnyHill Scooters

AnyHill UM-2 electric scooter parked in a park
  • AnyHill Scooters offer quality and urban performance across the range
  • Options for both adults and kids
  • Maximum range of 28 miles
  • Great for commuting and city adventures

Arriving in 2021 as a relative newbie to the electric scooter scene, the AnyHill brand brings together experienced engineering maestros, passionate design gurus, and customer service enthusiasts. They’re all united by one mission: to make your ride extraordinary.

And while they don’t mess around with quality (it’s the benchmark they work to every day), they do dial up the fun factor to the maximum.

High-tech features can be found in every scooter, from one-click fold mechanisms to electronic brake functionality, and IP54-rated dust and water resistance. Each new scooter comes with a 12-month warranty and a dedicated support team you can email or call with any queries.

Spiral-pattered grip bars, chunky scooter tires, and ergonomic lines are design features that ensure you subtly stand out. If you’re looking for an electric scooter that can conquer even the toughest of urban jungles, AnyHill has scooters to fit any need. Here’s a round-up of what they offer:

AnyHill UM-1 Electric Scooter

Whether you’re shopping for your first, or you’re well seasoned in electric-scooter fun, elevate your urban commute with the UM-1. This is a lightweight urban scooter with a sleek easy-fold design and the power to move you across town with ease.


Here are the stats:

Range20 miles
Maximum Speed16 mph
Climb Capabiity15 degrees
Weight29.7 lbs
Quick FoldYes
Maximum Carriage250 lbs
Battery7.8 Ah LG
Charge Time4-5 hours
Available ColorsWhite, Blue, Black
Speed SettingsN/A
Regenerative Breaking No

AnyHill UM-2 Electric Scooter

For bigger journeys that require more power, try AnyHill’s UM-2. Thanks to the larger battery and more powerful motor, it can take on longer commutes, and make light work of urban hill climbs (up to 20 degrees). In fact, it’s designed to take on 99% of road conditions typically faced by commuters. 

The UM-2’s removable battery allows you to recharge at work or simply replace on-the-go with a second battery, which is available from AnyHill accessory stores. Want to check in with your scooter remotely? Connect to the UM-2 via its dedicated app for battery life monitoring and lock/unlock features.

Here are the stats:

Range28 miles
Maximum Speed19 mph
Climb Capabiity20 degrees
Weight44 lbs
Quick FoldYes
Maximum Carriage300 lbs
Battery10 Ah LG
Charge Time4-5 hours
Available ColorsWhite, Black
Speed Settings3
Regenerative Breaking Yes

AnyHill UM-3 Kids Electric Scooter

How about hours of scootering fun for your kids and peace of mind for you? The UM-3 is AnyHill’s kid-exclusive design, built to provide maximum fun with safety at its core. It’s not designed for big journeys, but that means you’ll have confidence in your little ones staying close by. The top speed is just 9.3 mph, enough to give them the thrills they’re looking for at a speed you can also be comfortable with. Add in reflective stickering and solid, wear-resistant tires, and you’ve got the perfect set of wheels for a young scooter enthusiast.


Here are the stats:

Range5 miles
Maximum Speed9.3 mph
Climb Capabiity10 degrees
Weight16.5 lbs
Quick FoldYes
Maximum Carriage130 lbs
Battery2.75 Ah
Charge Time2.5-3 hours
Available ColorsBlack
Speed SettingsN/A
Regenerative Breaking No

Electric Scooters for Any Urban Rider

Easy to master and enjoyable long-term, the AnyHill range of electric scooters offers urban riders style and speed on cross-town journeys. What’s not to love?



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