Aventon and Oyster Partner to Provide E-Bike Insurance
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Aventon and Oyster Partner to Provide E-Bike Insurance

  • Insurance platform Oyster has partnered with e-bike manufacturer Aventon to specifically offer e-bike insurance when buying an Aventon bike.
  • Regular homeowner’s insurance might not cover e-bike loss, a major concern in cities where e-bike theft is rampant.
  • The insurance integration on Aventon’s e-commerce site is meant to be seamless, to make it easier on customers to buy what they need.

Oyster, the embedded insurance platform, has partnered with e-bike brand Aventon and its dealer network to offer personalized e-bike insurance. Starting in June, Aventon customers can easily add insurance coverage for theft, damage, medical payments, and liability at the point of sale or anytime after purchase. 

E-Bike Theft Is a Big Concern

Riding any bike means you run the risk of having it stolen, and e-bikes are especially alluring to thieves because of their expensive parts. That’s why a market for hardcore, specific e-bike locks has sprung up.

Aventon’s Director of Customer Experience, James Dieckmeyer, understands that theft and damage are always on customers’ minds when purchasing an expensive e-bike. Previously, riders had to settle for inadequate home insurance coverage or face the challenge of finding a suitable provider for e-bike coverage.

“Oyster helps our riders make the most of their purchase because they never have to think twice about taking their bike out of the garage,” he said.

Oyster’s comprehensive insurance eliminates these issues and ensures Aventon customers can fully enjoy their bikes without hesitation.

How Oyster’s E-Bike Insurance Works

The Oyster platform provides the Aventon brand and its dealers with a hassle-free integration process on e-commerce sites.

Oyster is now implemented on Aventon’s Shopify site, and it doesn’t interfere with the checkout flow or impact site performance. Oyster also extends its integration to popular retail POS systems like Lightspeed, enabling Aventon dealers to offer their customers the same personalized insurance experience in-store.


The Partnership Elevates Both Brands

With Oyster’s seamless integration with e-commerce sites, underwriting insurance for e-bike purchases is more accurate. This allows Aventon to focus on their core operations and continued growth while offering perfectly tailored e-bike insurance to their customers with just a few clicks.

“In today’s dynamic market, it has become increasingly evident that delivering a seamless customer experience coupled with a comprehensive range of offerings is absolutely imperative,” said Oyster CEO, Vic Yeh. “We’re excited to partner with Aventon to provide tailored insurance to their customers and elevate the purchase experience of their brand.”

Aventon’s Director of Sales, Jessica Hill, works closely with the brand’s dealers to make Aventon their preferred choice. By offering Oyster’s insurance through both online and in-store channels, Aventon ensures a consistent experience for customers, regardless of where they make their purchase. This support for dealers strengthens the community built around owning and riding Aventon bikes.


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