BAFANG Steps Up w/ 3 Speeds in its New Rear Gear Hub
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BAFANG Steps Up w/ 3 Speeds

Electric bike motor maker Bafang unveils new 3-speed automatic shifting hub transmission

Chinese e-bike giant BAFANG has revealed a new 3-speed automatic gear hub to make riding an e-bike easier and faster!

While BAFANG is best known in the US for its high-quality e-bike drive gear, this latest gear hub isn’t strictly an e-bike product. Instead, the internally geared hub is designed to provide automatic shifting to all kinds of bikes– both electric and purely human-powered.

In addition to being suitable for use in both bikes and e-bikes, BAFANG’s gear hub can into fit a wide variety of wheel diameters, with its cadence-based shifting points (translation: it decides when to shift based on how fast you’re pedaling) being able to be adjusted to meet the demands of different types of bikes with different sized wheels.

That said, this is Electrify News, and we’re all about the e-bikes!


BAFANG 3-speed Gear Hub

Image courtesy BAFANG.

To that end, we want to point out that, while many of the internally geared hubs out there weren’t originally designed for the high torque of electric motors, BAFANG’s latest offering is built to stand up to more than 80 Nm of torque– or almost 60 lb-ft of TQ (that’s about as much as a Harley-Davidson Iron 883 makes).

This gear hub isn’t just stout, though. It’s smart. The automatic shifting nature of the hub eliminates the need for a shifter cable or handlebar controls, enabling cleaner e-bike lines and simplifying the user interface by reducing clutter on the handlebars.

The system is compatible with both chain and Gates Carbon belt drive transmissions, and the company claims that its gear hub works equally well whether fitted to a full-size, compact, or folding e-bike. Pricing was not announced.








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