The Used Tesla Cybertruck Market is Hot, Prices Are Still High
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The Used Tesla Cybertruck Market is Hot, Prices Are Still High

Electrify Expo Austin Tesla Cybertruck
  • Used Tesla Cybertruck market surges, prices from $110,000 to $180,000.
  • Tesla offers new Cybertruck models from $60,990.
  • Rivian’s 2025 R1T and R1S get significant upgrades.

The competition between the Tesla Cybertruck and the recently announced 2025 Rivian R1T/R1S is heating up. As a result, the used Cybertruck market is experiencing an unprecedented surge, highlighting the enduring appeal of Tesla’s innovative vehicle.


Since its launch in April, the Cybertruck has seen a surge in demand on the resale market, despite its initially limited availability. Tesla’s gradual increase in production means more Cybertrucks are reaching customers, boosting the used market. Interestingly, many sellers are parting with their Cybertrucks shortly after purchase, flooding the market with nearly new options.

Tesla Cybertruck used market prices on Auto Trader - lowest pricing.

Autotrader now lists over 200 used Cybertrucks nationwide, a significant jump from previous months. However, prices remain high, ranging from $109,900 to $189,900, due to the enduring popularity of the Cybertruck and the continued wait for new orders.

Tesla Cybertruck used market prices on Auto Trader - highest pricing.

Tesla Cybertruck Options

While the used market offers an avenue for acquiring a Cybertruck, prospective buyers also have the option of ordering a new one. Tesla’s website presents various configurations, including the rear-wheel drive model starting at $60,990 (available in 2025), the dual-motor all-wheel drive variant priced at $93,990 (previous estimate was $79,990), and the range-topping tri-motor Cyberbeast model at $113,990 (previous estimate was $99,990). Despite the allure of owning a brand-new Cybertruck, buyers must contend with extended delivery timelines and an extensive queue of reservation holders.

Tesla Cybertruck rear-wheel drive specs

Rivian’s Entry into the Fray

Rivian, positioned as a formidable competitor to the Cybertruck, has unveiled its second-generation R1T pickup and the refreshed R1S SUV, both slated for release in 2025. Priced competitively starting at $69,900 for the R1T and $75,900 for the R1S, Rivian’s lineup presents a compelling alternative to Tesla’s flagship truck.

2025 Rivian R1T electric truck variants, models, specs and pricing

The 2025 models feature significant enhancements, including hundreds of hardware improvements, performance upgrades, and an upgraded software experience. However, higher-end trims, such as the Tri-Motor R1T, command a hefty price tag of $99,900, with quad-motor variants expected to exceed $120,000.

As consumers weigh their options between the Cybertruck and the Rivian R1T/R1S, several factors come into play. Beyond pricing considerations, buyers must assess the specifications, features, and capabilities of each vehicle to determine the best fit for their needs. While the Cybertruck features futuristic design elements and Tesla’s innovative technology, Rivian’s offerings highlight rugged off-road performance and a refined driving experience. Ultimately, the decision hinges on individual preferences, priorities, and budget constraints.



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