Rivian Introduces Next-Gen Electric R1S SUV and R1T Truck
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Rivian Introduces Next-Gen Electric R1S SUV and R1T Truck

Rivian Tri Max R1S electric SUV in Red Canyon with Darkout accents and 22 inch Sport Wheels.
  • Starting at $75,900 for the new Rivian electric R1S and $69,900 for the R1T, Rivian’s technology is now more accessible.
  • Rivian’s new R1S SUVs and R1T electric trucks offer configurations from Dual-Motor to Quad-Motor.
  • Second-generation Rivian R1 vehicles feature three battery pack options, providing improved range up to 420 miles. High-speed charging adds up to 140 miles in just 20 minutes, ensuring convenience for long trips.

Rivian has just lifted the curtain on its long-awaited second generation of R1T electric trucks and R1S SUVs. Building upon the success of its original lineup, Rivian’s latest electric line-up features hundreds of hardware improvements, performance upgrades, and a fully redesigned software experience. The new Rivian electric R1S starts at $75,900, while the R1T starts at $69,900. Dual-Motor configurations are available immediately, with additional variants expected to follow


Rivian’s Quad-Motor Configuration Packs a Jaw-Dropping 1,025 Horsepower Punch

Central to Rivian’s ethos is a commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance and range in electric vehicles. The R1 lineup features an array of powerful drive units, including the Dual-Motor, Tri-Motor, and Quad-Motor configurations. Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe emphasizes, “We continue to evolve our flagship R1 vehicles, offering quality and performance without compromise. Our revamped R1S and R1T push the technical boundaries further, creating our most capable products to date.”

Rivian Tri Max R1T electric truck in Storm Blue with Darkout accents and 2022 All Terrain Wheels.

The Rivian electric lineup ignites the spirit of adventure with a range of options. Kicking off the excitement is the Dual-Motor, an all-wheel drive powerhouse capable of delivering an impressive 665 horsepower, accelerating from 0–60 mph in as little as 3.4 seconds for its Performance variant.

The Tri-Motor configuration emerges with an all-new 850 horsepower, harnessing the might of two rear motors and one upfront to seamlessly blend power and range. The Tri-Motor R1T achieves a fast 0–60 mph in 2.9 seconds while offering an estimated range of 380 miles, extending to an exceptional 405 miles in Conserve Mode.

Rivian R1T electric truck with 20 inch all terrain dark wheels.

Yet, for those looking for the ultimate thrill, Rivian’s Quad-Motor option reigns supreme. With an astonishing 1,025 horsepower, the R1T rockets from 0–60 mph in under 2.5 seconds, covering a quarter-mile in 10.5 seconds. Activating Launch Mode unleashes an incredible 1,198 lb-ft of torque, while precise torque control at each wheel ensures performance both on and off the beaten path.

Rivian’s Dual Motor System: Power, Efficiency, and Seamless Production

One of Rivian’s major breakthroughs comes from their own drive system, which holds two motors designed for both power and efficiency. These motors are cooled with oil to perform their best, whether you’re tackling tough terrain or cruising at slower speeds, while also maximizing range.

The in-house developed rear drive unit used in Rivian electric Quad Motor and Tri Motor systems.

What’s really impressive is how Rivian handles their electric vehicle production. They’ve found a way to seamlessly put together both the bigger rear motor and the smaller front one on the same assembly line. This not only gets their vehicles to market faster but also makes their production process much more efficient.

Rivian R1’s Next Gen Suspension and Handling

The second generation R1 vehicles feature a completely revamped suspension system, placing emphasis on delivering a better ride experience while maintaining exceptional handling. Drawing inspiration from valuable customer input, these improvements deliver a seamlessly smooth ride experience while maintaining exceptional on-road power and off-road versatility.

All Rivian vehicles continue to receive over the air feature updates

With upgraded air springs, finely-tuned spring rates, and advanced hydraulic roll control systems, drivers can expect a consistently progressive and confidently stable ride across diverse terrains. These upgrades elevate passenger comfort and amplify the pleasure of being behind the wheel.

Improved Battery Packs and High-Speed Charging Capabilities

Rivian is truly pushing boundaries with its latest electric offerings, now presenting three battery pack options that promise improved range and smoother manufacturing processes. The Max and Large battery packs feature impressive estimated ranges of up to 420 and 330 miles respectively, thanks to streamlined manufacturing techniques that minimize complexity and simplify servicing.

Rivian new battery pack design is more efficient to build and service.

The introduction of their new Standard pack, which features lithium iron phosphate chemistry to deliver up to 270 miles of EPA-estimated range. What’s more, Rivian’s vehicles come equipped with high-speed charging capabilities, allowing them to gain up to 140 miles of range in just 20 minutes, leveraging both the Rivian Adventure Network and Tesla Superchargers. This ensures utmost convenience during those long trips, infusing them with a sense of ease and confidence.

Luxurious Interiors, Innovative Features, and Seamless Digital Key Experience

The latest R1S and R1T models bring forth a wave of exciting upgrades and options. From luxurious interiors to an array of exterior paint choices and wheel designs, Rivian spares no effort in creating a truly immersive experience. Prioritizing comfort and convenience, they improve the cabin ambiance with innovative storage solutions, captivating interior lighting themes, and the convenience of a wireless phone charger.


Moreover, a completely revamped heat pump climate system promises improved efficiency and also ensures optimal performance even in cold weather. To make things even smoother, Rivan integrated ultra-wideband technology to enhance their digital key experience. Rivian electric vehicle drivers can effortlessly unlock and start their vehicles using their car keys stored in Apple Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch, or on compatible Google Pixel devices. Plus, they can easily share digital keys with family, enhancing the convenience and joy of ownership.

Conveniently access your Rivian electric SUV or Truck with your phone or watch.

Transforming Electric Mobility with Advanced Tech and Connectivity

Rivian’s second-generation vehicles are infused with an innovative electrical architecture and computing platform, meticulously designed by their dedicated team. “While the exterior of the R1 looks similar, the electrical system is completely redone, providing a significant increase in features as well as a dramatic increase in sensing and compute capability, mentions Vidya Rajagopalan, Rivian SVP of Electrical Hardware.

This substantial upgrade to Rivian’s onboard computing fortifies the vehicles and also streamlines production costs and serviceability, all aimed at enhancing the delight of the customer. Additionally, the upgraded system significantly enhances scalability, laying the foundation for future vehicle deployments.

Rivian multimodal sensor approach offers redundancy for improved detection.

Rivian has poured their hearts into revamping the infotainment platform, infusing it with advanced AI-powered vision processing software. This second generation represents a huge leap forward, not just in terms of technology, but also in how they connect with their drivers. Rivian has painstakingly redesigned the user interface of their electric vehicles from the ground up, making it more intuitive and engaging than ever before. And while they’re excited to bring some of these improvements to their first-generation vehicles, it’s the new ones that truly showcase the full potential of what they’ve achieved.

“The new technology platform gives us the foundations to take our refined and connected vehicle experience to the next level with our in-house Rivian software stack,” highlights Wassym Bensaid, Rivian’s Chief Software Officer.

Rivian Autonomy Platform: Elevating the Driving Experience

Rivian developed the Rivian Autonomy Platform from scratch, driven by a passion to push the boundaries of performance and pave the way for future advancements. Their journey was fueled by a blend of determination and innovation, resulting in a system that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

With new perception hardware and software at its core, the platform integrates inputs from an impressive array of 11 internally developed cameras and five radars, orchestrating over 250 trillion operations per second. This leading level of computational power sets a new standard in the industry, empowering the system to perceive and analyze its surroundings with remarkable precision.

The enhanced view of Rivian's new high resolution Blind Spot Monitoring feature.

Each component of the platform is carefully designed to excel in its role. The 11 high-resolution cameras, including state-of-the-art 4K HDR units, offer a panoramic view with a range that extends three times farther than previous iterations. This expanded vision, coupled with enhanced dynamic range, ensures crystal-clear visibility even in challenging conditions like fog or low-light environments.

To enhance its ability to sense the surroundings, the platform integrates five advanced radars, including a Front Imaging Radar. These radars can detect objects up to 1,000 feet away, even in tough weather and lighting conditions. Additionally, corner radars work with surround-view cameras to track objects from all angles simultaneously, serving as crucial backup, especially when camera lenses may be obscured by dirt or grime.

“For most owners, their R1 Gen 2 will be the most powerful computer that they own,” highlights James Philbin, Rivian’s VP Autonomy and AI.

Rivian’s second generation R1 is supercharged thanks to the Autonomy Compute Module, powered by two NVIDIA DRIVE Orin processors running DRIVE OS. This pair crunches numbers, delivering a massive tenfold increase in compute performance compared to their older system.


Yet, it’s not solely about seeing. It’s also about understanding. The platform integrates sophisticated AI algorithms, similar to how our minds intricately process information, to predict, strategize, and respond instantly. Drawing inspiration from large language models, the system employs “Vision Transformers” to interpret its surroundings, predict behavior, and adapt accordingly, constantly evolving and improving with each interaction.

Safety is a high priority for Rivian. That’s why every second-generation vehicle comes equipped with the Rivian Autonomy Platform, which includes a full range of safety and driver assistance features. Whether it’s the Highway Assist that helps out on certain roads or the advanced systems that detect objects and prevent collisions, every detail is designed with keeping everyone on board safe in mind.

Rivian redesigned driver display with 360 degree Drive View.

They’re also dedicated to pushing limits and bringing even more to the table with Rivian Autonomy Platform+. This premium version, available on second-gen vehicles, brings a bunch of new features to make your driving experience even better.

Rivian’s second-generation vehicles now come with a premium upgrade called Rivian Autonomy Platform+. It’s packed with a whole range of exciting new abilities. These premium features won’t cost you a dime to enjoy. The first treat in this upgrade is Lane Change on Command, set to roll out via a software update this summer. And there’s more to look forward to, with Enhanced Highway Assist slated for later this year, along with expanded road coverage in the pipeline.

Rivian Connect+: More Entertainment, Better Sound, and Seamless Connectivity

Rivian’s new Connect+ subscription unlocks features and gives you more fun and convenience with your R1. Easily watch your favorite shows and movies on your R1’s screen wherever you go. And when it comes to music, Rivian has partnered with Apple Music, so you can enjoy millions of songs and playlists without ads. Plus, the sound quality is amazing with Rivian’s Premium Audio system, complimented by the immersive experience of Apple Music’s Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos.

Connect+ gives customers access to Apple Music's catalog of over 100 million songs and 30000 playlists always ad free.

But Connect+ isn’t just about Apple Music. You can also listen to Spotify, Tidal, and use Alexa. And if you need internet on the go, you can share your WiFi with up to eight devices. Rivian is always working to make your experience better with updates that add more entertainment and security features.

Your Rivian center display is now a movie screen.

If Connect+ isn’t right for you, don’t worry. Rivian offers a free standard connectivity package with useful features like navigation and remote vehicle commands. They’re here to make sure you have a great driving experience, no matter which option you choose.

Rivian’s Upgraded Lighting: Enhanced Safety and Innovation

Rivian's unmistakable lighting redesigned with additional features.

Rivian has revamped their distinctive lighting style with more depth and features, such as Adaptive Drive Beam technology. This system automatically adjusts the beam pattern to minimize glare for other drivers, while keeping your visibility intact. Coming soon through a software update, this tech demonstrates Rivian’s dedication to innovation and making driving safer and more enjoyable. Additionally, their new headlights and taillights feature RGB LEDs in the horizontal light bar, unlocking a host of exciting new functionalities.

Major Hardware Upgrades and Reduced Carbon Footprint

Rivian has upgraded more than half of their vehicles’ hardware components, which includes a variety of engineering enhancements to the body structure, battery packs, wiring, electrical system, and closure systems. A significant portion of the body structure now utilizes a manufacturing process that’s 50% more efficient. These improvements result in their next-generation R1 vehicles offering a notable cost reduction, which is crucial for achieving their required unit economics.

Production of Rivian's next generation vehicles is underway at our plant in Normal, Illinois

Through thorough lifecycle carbon footprint evaluations, Rivian’s second-generation vehicles achieve a 15% lower standard lifetime carbon footprint compared to the first generation R1 platform. This improvement is mainly due to efficiencies in manufacturing and operation, as well as enhancements in our materials supply chain.

Rivian new zonal architecture is more robust, less costly to produce and easier to service.

Thanks to an innovative electrical zonal architecture, this new generation reduces manufacturing costs by eliminating over 1.6 miles of wiring and reducing the number of parts needed. With approximately 50% fewer CO₂ emissions from manufacturing compared to model-year 2022 vehicles, along with other optimizations, these vehicles further Rivian’s goal of speeding up the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and safeguarding our planet for future generations.



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