Phoenix Elementary School District Promotes Clean and Safe Student Transit with Arizona's First Electric Bus
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Phoenix Elementary School District Promotes Clean and Safe Student Transit with Arizona’s First Electric Bus

The Type D BEAST delivered to the Phoenix Elementary School District is the first GreenPower all-electric, purpose-built school bus deployed in the state of Arizona.
  • Phoenix Elementary introduces Arizona’s first electric school bus.
  • The BEAST electric bus prioritizes student safety with its unified aluminum body and high-strength steel chassis, while offering dual-port charging options for efficiency.
  • GreenPower delivers the BEAST to support Phoenix Elementary’s commitment to clean student transportation.

Phoenix Elementary School District has launched Arizona’s first Type D electric school bus, the GreenPower BEAST. This electric bus symbolizes a significant change in the district’s dedication to ensuring safe, eco-friendly, and efficient student transportation. By harnessing the power of GreenPower’s zero-emission technology, the district demonstrates the profound impact electric buses can have on reducing pollution, protecting children’s health, and establishing fresh benchmarks for eco-friendly public transit in the area.


GreenPower Motor Company, a leader in designing and building all-electric medium and heavy-duty vehicles, delivered the first BEAST to the Phoenix Elementary School District to support the district’s commitment to clean and safe student transportation.

“We are pleased that the Phoenix Elementary School District has selected a GreenPower purpose-built school bus to help the school district transition its fleet to safe, sustainable, and sensible all-electric student transportation,” stated Brendan Riley, GreenPower President. “The demand for all-electric school buses remains high, and we are proud to deploy the first BEAST in Arizona here in Phoenix.”

Purpose-Built Electric School Bus for Performance and Safety

The BEAST, a 40-foot Type D electric school bus, is designed from the ground up to prioritize both performance and safety. It features a unified aluminum body, integrated seamlessly with a high-strength steel chassis. This structure ensures students remain above the crash zone. The innovative flat-floor design eliminates obstacles, making the interior spacious and accessible for all.

To improve efficiency, the BEAST comes with dual-port charging, including standard Level 2 charging at up to 19.2 kW and optional DC Fast Charging at up to 85 kW. Wireless charging is also available, ensuring flexibility in meeting charging requirements.

A Sustainable Solution for Healthier Communities

Phoenix Elementary School District Superintendent Dr. Deborah Gonzalez expressed her excitement about adopting GreenPower’s electric school bus technology, highlighting its impact on the community.


“Children are more susceptible to air pollution due to their developing respiratory systems, and all-electric school buses reduce exposure to NOx produced by traditional buses, which can adversely affect students’ health and academic performance. We are grateful to our community for passing bonds that allow us to invest in fostering a cleaner environment for our students, drivers, and community.”

Partnerships Driving Success

The district purchased the BEAST through GreenPower’s authorized dealer, RWC Group, an established provider of commercial truck and bus solutions with multiple locations across Arizona and the southwestern U.S. “When it comes to providing safe and reliable transportation to students, a school bus is an essential investment, and an all-electric school bus has the capability to take safety and reliability a step further,” noted Tom Hartman, General Manager of the Bus Division at RWC.

“RWC is committed to serving the state of Arizona, providing a selection of the highest quality all-electric school buses, and we are thrilled that Phoenix Elementary School District chose us and GreenPower to help fulfill their sustainable transportation needs.”

A New Era for Electric School Buses

GreenPower’s BEAST electric bus showcases how zero-emission technology can lead the charge in providing safer, healthier, and more efficient public transportation for students. The Phoenix Elementary School District sets an example for others seeking to embrace electric school buses for a more sustainable future.



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