North Carolina VinFast Manufacturing Plant To Break Ground Soon
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North Carolina VinFast Manufacturing Plant To Break Ground Soon

Image and rendering of VinFast manufacturing plant in North Carolina
  • VinFast, the Vietnamese carmaker, has been gradually moving into the U.S. to build its cars here.
  • North Carolina’s VinFast Manufacturing plant will hold its groundbreaking ceremony on July 28.
  • The state had granted VinFast a $1.2 billion incentive package to build there, and in turn the company aims to build out an entire ecosystem of suppliers.

Soon, North Carolina will get its first-ever electric vehicle manufacturing facility. The VinFast manufacturing plant will hold its groundbreaking ceremony on July 28, and it will play a pivotal role in accelerating electrified mobility options in the U.S.

Image and rendering of VinFast manufacturing plant in North Carolina.

Fostering Green Mobility and Economic Growth

The VinFast Manufacturing Plant to be a 1,800-Acre Factory in North Carolina

The VinFast factory will sprawl across an impressive 1,800 acres at the Triangle Innovation Point in Chatham County. The facility’s Phase 1 capacity is projected to reach 150,000 vehicles per year, housing dedicated areas for electric vehicle production, assembly, and supplementary supplier businesses.

As the construction of Phase 1 gains momentum, the VinFast manufacturing plant is not just about building electric vehicles. The project is set to create an entire ecosystem of suppliers, paving the way for thousands of new job opportunities in the region, while also supporting North Carolina’s green mobility strategy.


Last year, VinFast secured a $1.2 billion incentive package from the State of North Carolina, along with crucial financial support from the City of Sanford, Chatham County, and the Golden Leaf Foundation. These financial gestures reflect the importance of VinFast’s ambitious venture in promoting green mobility and job creation.

VinFast has acknowledged the challenges it faces and is actively working to address them. One of the major concerns raised by customers and experts is the range of VinFast’s electric vehicles. The company realizes that the current range falls short compared to some of its competitors. However, VinFast is committed to improving its EV offerings and is investing in research and development to enhance the range and overall performance of its electric vehicles.

VinFast’s determination to overcome this obstacle demonstrates its dedication to providing high-quality electric vehicles and contributing to the growth of sustainable transportation in the United States. By addressing this issue head-on, VinFast aims to gain the trust of American consumers and strengthen its position in the highly competitive electric vehicle market.

The Vision of VinFast

VinFast’s ambitions don’t stop at the factory. The company is actively expanding its retail store and service center network in the United States. Through organizing local test drives and product display events throughout California, VinFast aims to offer customers a direct experience with their cutting-edge electric vehicles.

Madam Le Thi Thu Thuy, the CEO of VinFast Auto, is enthusiastic about the project’s potential impact. “The manufacturing facility in North Carolina is one of VinFast’s key projects. When it begins operations, the factory will be VinFast’s primary supplier of electric vehicles to the North American market, allowing us to optimize production and business activities. We hope the construction of the factory in Chatham County will contribute to advancing the clean energy economy in the US and help to support North Carolina’s green mobility strategy.”


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