Addmotor Adds Range, Power to its Electric Adult Trike

Addmotor Adds Range to its Trike

Addmotor M-340 electric tricycle gets big battery update for long and stable cruising

If you’re looking for an electric adult trike that can really haul, the Addmotor M-340 just got a serious battery upgrade.

The world of e-mobility includes a lot of options, but we seem to talk mostly about the two-wheeled and four-wheeled variety. If you’re the type of person who thinks a trike is more your speed, then you’re in luck – we’re here to share that the Addmotor M-340 electric tricycle has gotten a big battery upgrade.

During the launch of its E-53 City Pro bike last year, Addmotor said it had a range of a whopping 125 miles on a 20 Ah battery. Now, the brand is bringing that type of capacity to the M-340 electric tricycle. For the 2023 edition, the M-340’s battery has expanded from 17.5 Ah to 20 Ah. It claims “only” 85 miles of range, but it still has a powerful 750 W motor that’ll get you up to 20 MPH. And that’s 73% farther of a range than previous editions of the M-340.

One of the major benefits of a trike is the cargo capacity. Almost always, you’ll get a nice area for storage between the two rear wheels. Here, the rear basket has a storage capacity of about 1.8 cubic feet, or 48L, that can handle up to 100 lbs of carrying capacity. Of course, you also get a smaller front basket for more storage, too. 

As for the comfort factor, this trike has 4-inch puncture-resistant fat tires to handle all sorts of terrains, from sand to snow. And, of course, there’s the step-through frame and the extra-wide saddle with a backrest for more support. Plus, its rider weight rating is 350 lbs, so between that and the rear basket, you can lug a lot around on this trike.

To offer that amount of range and that load capacity, this tricycle is a hefty beast, with a reported shipping weight of 140 lbs. And all of that brings its price tag up to $3,099, though that does include free shipping. So while it’s not cheap, it can take a wide array of riders on a variety of adventures.


Addmotor M-340 Electric Trike Gets 85 Mile Range




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