New BMW i5 Gets Futuristic Eye-Activation Technology
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New BMW i5 Gets Futuristic Eye-Activation Technology

BMW i5
  • The all-electric BMW i5 is based on the 5 Series sedan
  • New technology allows drivers to change lanes by looking at the exterior mirror
  • The same tech also monitors driver alertness
  • The BMW i5 is due to debut later this year as a 2024 model

BMW is on the verge of introducing the BMW i5, its electric sedan based on the 5 Series. One of the most exciting elements is the eye activation technology that allows you to change lanes with minimal effort. This is something we’ve seen in the standard 5 Series, but when packaged with the electric powertrain, this car feels like something straight out of the future.

Highway Assistant

The new BMW i5 sedan comes with extensive automated driving and parking tech. Using high-resolution cameras, high-precision radar sensors, and control units from BMW’s latest technology toolkit, the i5 delivers an automated driving experience.

The optional Driving Assistant Professional facilitates these futuristic features. This system takes care of distance control and the steering inputs required for lane control, allowing drivers to focus on monitoring the surrounding area and traffic. Once activated, it can be used at speeds of up to 85 mph in the USA, Canada, and Germany.

In addition, an interior camera helps monitor the driver’s level of alertness and enables another innovative feature: automated lane change. Included as part of the Driving Assistant Professional and Highway Assistant, this new BMW 5 Series sedan can use eye activation to control lane changes. 

This feature enables a new level of interaction between human and car, as the driver can prompt the car to initiate the lane change process by looking in the exterior mirror. The vehicle then carries out necessary steering movements and speed adjustments, provided the driver confirms they want it to and the traffic situation allows. The turn signal lever is also available as an alternative.

When is the BMW i5 coming out?

The BMW i5 is expected to debut alongside a brand-new generation of the gasoline-powered 5 Series in the summer of 2023 as a 2024 model-year vehicle.  It’s expected to offer a range of over 300 miles on a single charge (trim dependent) and will be equipped with a variety of advanced driver assistance features, including eye-activated lane changes. 


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