Is the Updated Tesla Model Y Worth the Wait?
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Is the Updated Tesla Model Y Worth the Wait?

Image showcasing 2024 Tesla Model Y AWD from China
  • Tesla has rolled out an upgraded Model Y in China.
  • The update includes a more powerful motor, improved interiors, and increased efficiency.
  • Pricing varies by region, but it’s worth considering if you’re buying one.

I’ve got some exciting news for all you Tesla enthusiasts out there. Tesla has started rolling out the updated version of the Model Y to customers. But here’s the kicker – it depends on where you live whether you’ll get your hands on this upgraded beauty right away.

Now, before we dive into whether it’s worth the wait, let me break down what’s new in the latest Model Y and why you might want to hold off for it.

Image showcasing battery life, performance and range of the 2024 Tesla Model Y AWD in China

First things first, if you’re in China, lucky you! You’ll be among the first to enjoy the updated Model Y. As for the rest of the world, don’t fret; word on the street is that Tesla plans to bring these changes to the Model Y in the United States and Germany too. So, hang tight!

Why wait, you ask? Well, the most significant update comes under the hood. Tesla has beefed up the motor, giving it a power boost of anywhere between 60 to 90 horsepower. That means it’s more than a second quicker from 0 to 62 mph (0 to 100 km/h). You’ll feel the difference right away!


The interior has received some love too. Expect a fresh dashboard trim, snazzy ambient lighting, new wheels, and of course, that souped-up motor. And let’s not forget about efficiency. The standard range version gets about 2% more range, while the long-range version boasts around 5% more. Not too shabby, right?

Now, this isn’t a complete overhaul; it’s more like a midlife refresh. Don’t get it confused with the mythical “Juniper” version, which is still up in the air. Speaking of Juniper, the Model 3 Highland is in the same boat, with no sign of deliveries in China despite being available in Europe for two months.

Image showcasing 2024 Model Y Juniper AWD China estimated delivery date is 2-6 weeks

Now, let’s talk price. In China, the updated Model Y costs the same as the previous version – $36,000 before incentives. It’s a sweet deal! In the US, you can snag one for around $43,900, thanks to some clever tech borrowing from China and Germany.

Image showcasing the new Tesla Model 3's sleek exterior redesign with aggressive headlights and cleaner front end, reflecting advanced technology and improved aerodynamics

Oh, and about the Model 3 Highland – it got a price bump. So, don’t be surprised if it’s in the same ballpark as the Model Y’s price increase in other countries, which is about 5% to 7%.

As for when you can expect to see the Highland in your driveway, Tesla says the fourth quarter. Well, we’re already there, so it’s happening soon – hopefully before the year ends.

Image showcasing price and estimated delivery date of Q4 of the 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland in China

In September, China saw a whopping 95% increase in Model Y sales, with 41,430 units delivered. Model 3, on the other hand, struggled with just 2,079 units sold, and that’s the old version. It’s the lowest sales month since October 2021. Why? Because Tesla’s been focused on manufacturing the new Model 3 Highland, which is taking a bit longer to hit the streets.

So, here’s the bottom line – before you take delivery of your Model Y, give Tesla a ring. Find out if you’re getting the updated version or if it’s worth waiting a few weeks. The choice could impact your resale value and your driving experience. Stay tuned, and happy Tesla shopping!


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