Hyundai's Remarkable September and Q3 2023 EV Sales
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Hyundai’s Remarkable September and Q3 2023 EV Sales

Image showcasing 2023 Hyundai vehicle lineup
  • In September 2023, Hyundai’s total sales shot up by an impressive 16% compared to the same month the previous year.
  • Hyundai’s electric vehicle models, such as the IONIQ 5 and various hybrid versions of popular models, saw remarkable sales growth, with some models experiencing triple-digit percentage increases.
  • Hyundai is investing over $12.6 billion in U.S. electric vehicle manufacturing, emphasizing safety in their vehicles, and offering free chargers and installation support to EV buyers, showcasing their dedication to eco-friendly transportation solutions.

In a world where climate change and sustainability are becoming increasingly crucial, Hyundai Motor America is stepping up its game. Their focus on ‘Progress for Humanity‘ and smart mobility solutions is a breath of fresh air in the automotive industry.

Image showcasing 2023 Hyundai Tucson Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV)

Hyundai’s Electrifying September: Record-Breaking Sales in 2023

First things first, the numbers don’t lie. In September 2023, Hyundai Motor America recorded a sales figure that could make any automaker green with envy: 68,961 units. That’s a whopping 16% increase compared to the same month in the previous year. As they say, “Numbers never lie,” and this is a clear indicator that Hyundai is charging ahead.


The real star of the show in September? It’s their electric lineup, and I’m not just talking about any electric vehicles; I’m talking about the IONIQ 5, Santa Fe PHEV, Tucson PHEV, and Tucson HEV. These models recorded increases in sales, with percentages that could make your head spin. The IONIQ 5 sales skyrocketed by a mind-blowing 203%, while the Tucson PHEV saw an astonishing 950% increase.

Hyundai IONIQ 5 auto loan rates

Electric Models Lead the Way

Randy Parker, the CEO of Hyundai Motor America, summed it up nicely, “September was led by record sales from our Tucson and Santa Fe lineup, which signals customers are choosing these models for outstanding value and different powertrain options.” It’s clear that consumers are loving what Hyundai’s electric vehicles are bringing to the table.

The third quarter of 2023 also saw Hyundai breaking records, with total sales of 200,534 units, a 9% increase over the same period last year. And once again, it was the IONIQ 5, Santa Fe PHEV, Tucson PHEV, and Tucson HEV leading the charge.

Image showcasing 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV)

Hyundai’s Bold Investment in Greening the American Auto Industry

Now, let’s shift gears and talk about Hyundai’s commitment to a greener future. They’re not just selling electric cars; they’re investing billions of dollars in electric vehicle manufacturing in the United States. This isn’t just about cars; it’s about creating jobs and driving progress. As they say, “Actions speak louder than words,” and Hyundai is making a lot of noise in the EV world.


Commitment to Safety and Efficiency

Safety is also a top priority, with Hyundai opening a state-of-the-art Safety Test and Investigation Laboratory in Michigan. They’re not just building EVs; they’re building them safe and sound.

Speaking of safety, the 2023 IONIQ 6 has been awarded a TOP SAFETY PICK+ rating by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. But that’s not all. Hyundai’s IONIQ 6 also bagged a spot on Wards 10 Best Engines & Propulsion Systems list. It’s not just about being green; it’s about being green and efficient.

IONIQ 6 in red driving on a desert highway

Simplifying EV Charging and Supporting Childhood Cancer Awareness

And if you’re worried about charging your electric beauty, Hyundai is offering complimentary chargers and installation assistance for EV customers. It’s not just about buying an EV; it’s about making the charging process hassle-free.

In a world where childhood cancer awareness is critical, Hyundai is doing its part too. Hyundai Hope On Wheels, a non-profit supported by Hyundai Motor America, is celebrating its 25th Anniversary Gala. It’s not just about selling cars; it’s about giving back to the community.

Hyundai Motor America’s journey toward electrification is not just about selling electric vehicles. It’s about setting records, creating jobs, ensuring safety, and giving back to society. As they say, “the road ahead is electric,” and Hyundai is leading the way.


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