How to Talk to Your Family About EVs During the Holiday Season
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How to Talk to Your Family About EVs During the Holiday Season

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  • The holiday conversation on EVs can be better this year, turn it around and ask about ICE vehicles!
  • Query about the small explosions that happen in the pistons, just a few feet away from their children. 
  • Investigate how much it costs to repair gas-powered cars. 
  • Don’t forget to ask what happens when a gas-powered car runs out of gas. Don’t countries fight wars over oil?
  • Most importantly, have a little fun as you talk about all the driving options available today.

For generations, drivers haven’t had to think about how, when, and where they fill gas tanks. Now that EVs are becoming more popular, the myths about them are growing. If you drive an EV, there’s a chance you could be confronted about your choice to step away from gasoline. 

Rather than being on the defensive about your EV, you could always ask your family members about their gas-powered cars – as you’re “considering” making the switch from electric to gas. 

Here are a few questions to get you started on your holiday EV chat. 

Questions about Refueling an ICE

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  • I’ve heard you can’t refuel your gas-powered vehicle at a hotel, the gym, a shopping mall, or while you sleep. Is this true?
  • My friend told me that you can’t refill the gas tank when you step on the brakes or go downhill. Why not? 
  • Someone said that gas is flammable. Aren’t you worried your gas-powered car could catch fire? Do you have to take special precautions when you refill the tank?
  • I saw someone wear a special glove when they refilled their diesel fuel tank. I asked them about it, and they said that diesel is stinky, and they don’t want to get the smell on their skin. Are you concerned with getting gas or diesel on your hands? 
  • Can people steal the gas from your car? 
  • I’ve heard that oil is in limited supply. Can I refill my gas-powered car with energy from renewable resources like wind and solar power? 
  • Can people steal your credit card number when you swipe it at a gas pump? 

Questions about Driving an ICE Vehicle

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  • My friends at work were talking about how internal combustion engines actually have small explosions happening in them every time the pistons move. Do you feel safe knowing that small explosions are happening a few feet away from the passenger compartment? 
  • I took a test drive in a gas-powered car the other day. When I pressed the gas pedal, the car had a delay, and then it accelerated and slowed before it accelerated again. Is this normal? 
  • Gas-powered cars are really expensive. Are there any rebates that would help lower the price? 
  • What do you do when you run out of gas and there isn’t a gas station nearby? 
  • I heard that gas-powered cars have to shift. Shift what? 
  • Can you use your ICE vehicle to power small appliances?
  • I’ve heard that gas-powered cars need to warm up, especially when the weather is cold. How long does this take?

Questions about Environmental Concerns

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  • I saw on the news that countries have fought wars over oil. Should I be worried about owning a car that puts so much political pressure on oil-producing countries?
  • I’ve also heard that drilling for oil and refining it harms the environment. Is this true?
  • Speaking of oil, I’ve also heard that we need to use more oil and gas to move oil and gas around the world. Someone told me that the ships occasionally leak and pollute the water supply. Have you heard this?
  • My EV doesn’t have metal pipes coming out of its rear end. What are those pipes for? 
  • I heard someone complain about the loud gas-powered cars and trucks in my neighborhood. Are they that loud? Will I wake up my neighbors when I start my car? 
  • I heard that gas-powered cars use more gas in the winter. I also heard that refineries make special gas blends in the summer and that they cost more. Is all this true? 
  • I’ve heard that people use animal skin to cover the seats in their gas-powered cars. Does this bother you? 

Questions about Servicing ICE Vehicles

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  • When I test-drove the gas-powered car, the salesperson told me I would need to replace the oil regularly. How often do I have to do that? How long does it take? How much does that cost? Where does the old oil go? 
  • I saw a shiny black spot on my neighbor’s driveway. I asked him about it, and he said his car leaks oil. Will that shiny spot go away? What happens to that oil that gets on the concrete? How long before my gas-powered car leaks? 
  • When I looked under the hood of the gas-powered car I test-drove, I saw a bunch of moving parts. How long will those last? 



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