EPA Grant Awarded to First Student to Add 40 Electric School Buses in Pontiac, Michigan
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EPA Grant Awarded to First Student to Add 40 Electric School Buses in Pontiac, Michigan

EPA Grant Awarded to First Student to Add 40 Electric School Buses to Pontiac Michigan
  • First Student, along with the Pontiac School District and EPA, is leading the electrification movement in school transportation with electric school buses.
  • With $15.65 million in EPA grants, Pontiac School District will replace its diesel buses with 40 electric school buses.
  • First Student aims to convert 30,000 diesel buses to electric buses by 2035.

With a strong dedication to safety and reliability, First Student has achieved a major milestone by introducing its electric school bus to the Pontiac School District, leading the way in the electrification movement in Michigan. During a celebratory event, First Student, in partnership with the Pontiac School District and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), revealed plans to introduce 40 new electric school buses, marking a big change in the district’s transportation system. This initiative is facilitated by the EPA’s Clean School Bus Program, which has awarded the Pontiac School District grants totaling $15.65 million.


“This is where the rubber meets the road in revolutionizing student transportation,” expressed Kevin Matthews, First Student’s Head of Electrification. “These federal grants allow our school district partners, including the Pontiac School District, to see real, tangible results in creating healthier and safer communities.”

With a strong focus on sustainability, First Student plans to replace 30,000 of its diesel buses with electric ones by 2035, which will greatly benefit students and communities. This commitment is more than just talk, as the company is getting ready to introduce the new electric buses for the Pontiac School District in the upcoming 2024-25 school year.

EPA Grant Awarded to First Student to Add 40 Electric School Buses to Pontiac Michigan

“The positive impact these buses will bring to the well-being of our students and our community as a whole is incredible,” touched Dr. Kimberly Leverette, interim superintendent of the Pontiac School District. “We are ecstatic to have been selected to be part of this game-changing initiative.”

Through the EPA’s Clean School Bus program, school districts can swap out old diesel buses for zero-emission options, cutting down on harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Every electric school bus brought in means a big drop of about 54,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions each year.


“Thanks to President Biden’s Investing in America Agenda and EPA’s Clean School Bus program, the Pontiac School District is providing a healthier environment for its students, bus drivers, and school staff,” said EPA Region 5 Administrator Debra Shore. “Upgrading to electric school buses is a major win for the community and will mean reduced air pollution in and around schools.”

First Student’s pioneering efforts have positioned it as the largest operator of electric school buses in North America. With over 300 electric buses already on the road, the company has covered nearly three million miles of zero-emissions service, setting a precedent for sustainable transportation solutions.

EPA Grant Awarded to First Student to Add 40 Electric School Buses to Pontiac Michigan

In addition to the electrification efforts in Pontiac, Cincinnati students are also set to benefit from the transition to electric school buses. With a $3.95 million grant, First Student will purchase ten electric buses for students attending Cincinnati Public Schools as part of the EPA Clean School Bus Program. This initiative is part of a larger EPA grant, enabling First Student to procure a total of 370 electric buses nationwide, with the goal of transitioning its 30,000 diesel-powered school buses to electric alternatives.



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