Battista Hyper GT Comes to Canada
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Battista Hyper GT Comes to Canada

Battista Hyper GT
  • The first Battista hyper GT for a client in Canada was presented at an exclusive event earlier this year.
  • This bespoke version was crafted by the client and the Automobili Pininfarina Design team.
  • Grand Touring Automobiles shall be the exclusive seller of Automobili Pininfarina in Canada.

Luxury Italian carmaker Automobili Pininfarina hit a new milestone in the world of electric mobility when it presented the first all-electric Battista hyper GT at an exclusive Grand Touring Automobiles event earlier this year. This first Battista in Canada was a bespoke stunner, handcrafted at the Battista Atelier in Cambiano, northern Italy.

Luxury Meets Performance

The Canadian Battista is tailored to the client’s unique specification in collaboration with Dave Amantea, Automobili Pininfarina Chief Design Officer. Its exterior features a beautiful combination of vibrant Verde Piemonte and the eye-catching Furiosa Pack in Exposed Signature Carbon tinted in Black. 

The elegance extends to the interior, where luxury black leather GT seats with bespoke contrast stitching complement the exterior’s theme.

Unmatched Performance and World Records

Under the hood, the Battista hyper GT houses four independent electric motors and a potent 120 kWh lithium-ion battery, delivering an awe-inspiring 1,900 hp and 2,340 Nm of torque. With a range of up to 476 km (295 miles) on a single charge, this electric phenomenon has set multiple world records in recent months, demonstrating its mind-blowing performance capabilities in India and the United Arab Emirates.

The Battista made history by achieving world records for a production car in events like the quarter-mile and half-mile sprints. It made the quarter mile in a blistering 8.55 seconds and the half mile in 13.38 seconds.

In November 2022, it further solidified its position as a true electric marvel, breaking records for acceleration from 0-60 mph, 0-100 km/h, and even 0-120 mph. In addition, the Battista set a world record for electric cars’ braking distance, stopping from 100-0 km/h in just 31 meters.

Looking Toward a Sustainable Future

Automobili Pininfarina is not only setting records but also pioneering the future of sustainable luxury cars. The Battista hyper GT’s electric powertrain ensures zero emissions, aligning with the brand’s vision to be the most desired and sustainable luxury car brand globally. 

With Grand Touring Automobiles representing the brand exclusively in Canada, the luxury electric car segment is set to flourish, particularly in North America.



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