AEM EV Conversion System Unlocks 26% More HP
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AEM EV Conversion System Unlocks 26% More HP

AEM EV conversion system
  • AEM EV is launching a comprehensive controls system for EV conversions using the Tesla Large Drive Unit (LDU) Base Drive.
  • The Inverter Control Board, co-developed with Cascadia Motion, ensures high standards of quality and reliability, offering complete control, maximum performance, and safety for LDU EV conversions.
  • AEMcal software simplifies customization of power delivery strategies and ancillary subsystems.

Rev up your EV conversions with AEM EV’s latest offering: a cutting-edge controls system designed to take your ride to a whole new level. AEM EV, the performance EV controls brand of AEM Performance Electronics, has teamed up with industry leaders Cascadia Motion to create an all-inclusive controls system that promises to push the limits of power, performance, and safety.

Say Goodbye to Uncertainty and Hello to Power

The heart of AEM EV’s controls system is the Inverter Control Board (PN 30-8402), co-developed with Cascadia Motion. This board replaces the OEM Tesla board in the Large Drive Unit (LDU) inverter and connects seamlessly with AEM EV’s VCU200 vehicle control unit (PN 30-8000) over CAN bus. The result? Full control and maximum power gains, leaving CAN-Spoofing control and open-source alternatives in the dust.

Power gains are no joke with AEM EV’s system. During rigorous testing, they were able to boost the horsepower of the Tesla LDU Base Drive by a jaw-dropping 26% over the factory baseline. And they believe there’s still room for more improvements before the official product release, scheduled for mid-Q1 this year. The AEM EV team is also working on validation for the Tesla LDU Performance Drive motor, set to be unveiled later in the year.

Control, Safety, and Performance All Rolled into One

The magic doesn’t stop at power gains. AEM EV’s VCU200 and Tesla LDU Inverter Control Board combo delivers a host of features that put you in the driver’s seat like never before. Take control of motor torque management, dynamic torque limits for traction and launch control, and input characterization for a truly personalized driving experience. Accessory control for cooling pumps, lights, and more ensures you’re in charge of every aspect of your EV.

Safety is a top priority with AEM EV’s controls system. Redundancy and arbitration features for all safety-critical inputs, startup and shutdown sequencing for high voltage components, and fault detection mechanisms provide peace of mind for you and your passengers.

AEMcal Software: A Gateway to Personalization

What’s a controls system without intuitive software to back it up? AEM EV’s EMcal software simplifies the process of customizing power delivery strategies and controlling all ancillary subsystems of your EV. No need to juggle multiple controllers; AEMcal software’s user-friendly graphical interface empowers you to fine-tune torque delivery, traction control, regenerative braking, and more.

AEM EV’s Vehicle Control Units (VCUs) bridge the gap between high-performance EV street-conversion and motorsports applications. These units offer endless possibilities for calibrators, allowing them to create torque management strategies tailored to various EV systems and components. The unified tuning experience is presented in a modern and customizable interface, giving you the control you crave.



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