Pininfarina Electric Hypercar Shatters 1/4 Mile Record!

Electric Hypercar Shatters Records

The all-electric Pininfarina Batista has shattered acceleration records in the quarter mile with a time of just 8.55 seconds!

The pure-electric Battista’s unique launch control technology contributes to Formula 1 car-beating acceleration, with the 0-60 MPH sprint achieved in an unimaginably quick 1.79 seconds, with the 0-120 MPH executed in just 4.49 seconds.

Note: that’s not 4.49 seconds later … 4.49 seconds in total!

The confirmed figures were achieved when the 1874 HP Pininfarina Battista made its dynamic debut in the Middle East last week, where professional racing drivers were able to showcase the car’s “unrivalled dynamic capabilities,” on track at the Dubai Autodrome in the United Arab Emirates.

In addition to eye-watering acceleration, the car also features industry-leading braking, handling, and active aerodynamics to keep the car planted and pointed in the right direction. Or, to put a more vernacular spin on things: to keep the rubber side down.

You can take a look at some great on-track photos of this electric Italian masterpiece, below, then let us know what you think of this $2 million, 217 MPH hypercar in the comments.


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