Fed-up Tesla Owners on Hunger Strike Until Elon Fixes Their Cars
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Fed-up Tesla Owners on Hunger Strike

In response to poor customer service and reliability issues, Tesla customers in Norway have called a hunger strike. Will Elon care?

Fed up with a laundry list of reliability and build quality issues that the company has been ignoring for far too long, a group of Tesla owners in Norway – which calls itself, “the #1 Tesla country in the world” – has decided to go on a hunger strike until Tesla’s Technoking Elon Musk decides to fix their cars.

For his part, Musk seems to have been made aware of the strike – and has even responded, though not in the way the strikers might have hoped. Elon tweeted about the supposed health benefits of fasting, which a Redditor going by u/pdq believes might be an effort to search-optimize the hunger strike.


The list of quality-control problems that seems to be vexing these Tesla buyers is long, but they’re by no means the only people complaining about these problems. Read the list for yourself, below, and see if any of the group’s complaints seem familiar.

  • The car won’t start in cold weather
  • Door handles won’t open in cold weather
  • Intense squeaking noise
  • Car won’t start in warm weather
  • “Bubbles” in seats
  • Loose front seat
  • Trunk lid filled with rain water
  • Autopilot does not work properly
  • Internet is slow and does not work as it ought to
  • The wipers do not work (well enough)
  • The car creaks when you pass speed bumps and other bumps in the road
  • Decorative moldings loosen
  • The lights do not work properly
  • The doors stop working properly
  • Doors that open by themselves
  • The computer does not work
  • Yellow edges around the display screens
  • Windows that do not close completely
  • Systems reset on their own
  • Problems charging
  • Reduced power
  • Rust problems on new cars (especially Model 3)
  • Poor paint quality means that the car has to be repainted
  • You were promised free charging throughout the car’s lifetime, but the new charging stations do not fit the car
  • Lower battery life than Tesla claims
  • Problems with the air conditioner
  • Not all problems are solved when the car is serviced
  • Tesla promise to contact you, but you do not hear from them
  • You have to wait on the phone for a long time before Tesla answers

“Norway is by far the number 1 Tesla country in the world,” reads the striking group’s official (?) website, drawing attention to the country’s status as an EV market leader. “We are the canary in the coal mine.”

Whether or not that rings true is up to you, but we’d love to know! Scroll on down to the comments section and let us know what you think of the strikers’ plans to get Elon Musk to address their customer service complaints at the bottom of the page.


Tesla Owners Go On Hunger Strike




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