50% E-bike Rebate Proposed in NY State Senate

50% E-bike Rebate Proposed in NY

Crow Bicycles joins growing market for ultralight ebikes for road & gravel

A new bill being put forward in the state legislature could see e-bike prices get cut in half for New York cyclists.

New York State senator Julia Salazar has proposed a new bill that would grant the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) the power to establish a new “ride clean rebate program” that could mean big savings for New York’s electrified cyclists.

If it passes, the new NYSERDA rebate would cover up to 50% of the cost of a new e-bike, with a payout cap set at $1100. That means someone picking up a $1499 REI Generation e1.1 would get a rebate of about $750, but someone buying a $4599 Orbea Kamen would get “only” $1100.

The bill is available for the public at this link, but we’ve taken out the relevant “justification” for the new e-bike incentive and shared it with you, below. Take a look, then let us know how you’d feel about a two-wheeled incentive joining the electric car and truck rebate programs in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


New York State Senate Bill S3080, Amendment A

Whereas e-bikes became legal in past years and are seen in tandem with electric vehicles as part of the low carbon mobility future, and 75 percent of auto trips and 55 percent of transit trips in NYC are under five miles, this rebate would encourage more New Yorkers to purchase and utilize e-bikes for trips under five-miles removing congestion, traffic, and harmful emissions from our roads and air.

By establishing a Ride Clean Rebate Program in parallel with the Drive Clean Rebate Program that launched in 2017, New York State would diversify its clean transportation strategy to further build a clean, resilient, and affordable energy system.

Additionally, the funding for the Drive Clean Rebate Program is allocated in the State Budget and has not been fully paid out. This would also be a stimulus to new entrepreneurship as electric bicycles are an emerging industry in New York State in the period since legalization of the technology.





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