2023 Orbea Rise eMTB Comes in at Less Than 16 kg!


2023 Orbea Rise Comes in at Under 16kg

2023 Orbea Rise 16kg eBike debuts 12s Shimano Di2 XT

The push for lightweight e-bikes continues, and now Orbea has one on offer: the Rise eMTB, coming in at just 16 kg!

The 2023 update for the Orbea Rise eMTB is not only lighter, but it also now has a Shimano EP801 RS motor powering it. With this new motor, maximum torque is now limited to 60 Nm as opposed to 85 Nm in previous versions. 

But to compensate, the Rise has a new 360 Wh battery with 21,700 cells that are reputed to offer a better charge and discharge ratio as well as improved heat management. This new battery is only 1.8 kg and compactly built, with its anchor points integrated into the battery itself to help lighten the bike’s weight wherever possible.

Other weight-saving decisions include the redesigned link and shock yoke to increase rigidity and reduce weight. The Orbea Rise also looks lighter and more streamlined thanks to the internal cable routing. 

And in keeping with the “more bike, less E” philosophy touted by Orbea, the wireless control is all located in one discrete location, and the bike doesn’t come with any display of its own. (However, it still uses the RS Garmin IQ App to show you details like battery life and assistance mode.)

Overall, the 2023 Orbea Rise looks like it wants to be the eMTB for the non-e-bike crowd, or maybe the e-skeptical. It’s very much focusing on being a light (ish), nimble bike for the mountain-biking crowd but still offering up those electrified perks like pedal assist.


2023 Orbea Rise eMTB


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