Sleeker, Faster EV Race Car Coming to 2025 Formula E Season
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Sleeker, Faster EV Race Car Coming to 2025 Formula E Season

formula e gen3 EVO with iridescent highlights
  • The all-electric racing series Formula E revealed its Gen3 Evo car.
  • An updated version of the current 2024 car, the Gen3 vehicle will debut in 2025.
  • New to this car are the tires, body work, and short bursts of all-wheel drive.
  • It should bring some excitement and speedier lap times before another major overhaul that’s scheduled for 2027.

Formula E will storm into the 2025 season with an updated car, called the Gen3 Evo, designed for faster and more exciting racing.


The open-wheel, single-seater series exclusively races EVs against one another on tracks around the world. Now in its 10th season, Formula E has grown to include major motorsports teams like Porsche, McLaren, Penske, and Andretti.

The Gen3 Evo will introduce several innovations to the series, including its first use of all-wheel drive. That, along with a new tire compound and sharper aerodynamics, make the Gen3 Evo the fastest car to compete in Formula E history.

Big Changes

The Gen3 Evo is an update to the car currently competing in the 2024 Formula E season, known as the Spark Gen3, or just the Gen3 for short.

Where the Evo ups its game is by introducing a new compound on its Hankook tires, a more efficient use of its power like temporary all-wheel drive, and a more streamlined shape thanks to a redesigned nose, front wing, and side pods.

The result? The Gen3 Evo is nearly a second faster from 0-60mph than the Spark Gen3. In some situations it can scamper to 60 mph in just 1.8 seconds, according to Formula E.

The biggest news is the debut of AWD on a Formula E car. At present, a Formula E Gen3 car has two motors — one in the front and one in the rear. But the front motor is used only for regenerating power to send back to the battery, while the rear motor actually powers the car.


Beginning in 2025, the front motor will be accessible for additional power under certain circumstances. That gives the car additional traction from a start and helps it claw out of corners for faster acceleration.

In the right hands, the Gen3 Evo can complete a lap at the famed Monaco Grand Prix course two seconds faster than its predecessor.

Under the Skin

In addition to its mind-bending capability, there are other, more subtle changes that are also a big deal in the motorsports world.

Formula E said the new Gen3 Evo will also be able to charge its batteries at a max rate of up to 600 kW for short 30-second bursts. That makes it significantly faster than a Tesla Supercharger station.

The car also uses a substantial amount of recyclable material. The tires and carbon fiber bodywork are partially composed of recycled parts. The batteries themselves can be recycled once they’re done being used.

Formula E may have its primary focus in competition. But changes to the Gen3 Evo chassis prove the series is dedicated to advancing EV technology while committing to a sustainable future.

The question is, will that translate to exciting racing? We’ll have to wait for 2025 to find out.



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