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Explore the Salton Sea region’s lithium potential, a resource worth billions, that’s transforming the global battery market and U.S. energy strategy.
XCMG commissioned the world’s first new energy loader production line in Xuzhou, China, utilizing automated vehicles and electric forklifts.
Caterpillar has unveiled a trailblazing electric mining vehicle prototype specifically designed for underground mining operations.
XCMG has unveiled the XES35, a colossal electric shovel excavator, in an effort to redefine mining with sustainability and breakthrough technology.
The world’s largest zero-emission haul truck sets a new green standard for mining, powered by hydrogen fuel cells and batteries.
In this column, we ask an advanced AI about one of the most pressing issues facing the electric vehicle industry: sustainable mining!
Have you seen the one about the big trucks that burn 1800 gallons of diesel to make just 1 electric car? Yeah – that one’s a lie.
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