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Off-Road Electric Longboards
With a successful test flight of its Volocopter 2X electric air taxi in New York City, Volocopter took a significant step in urban air mobility (UAM).
Suzuki is partnering with SkyDrive in Japan to create the SKYDRIVE eVTOL, a new three-seater electrified aircraft.
Lilium and UrbanV are partnering to build out vertiport infrastructure for broader eVTOL access in Italy and the French Riviera.
The Alef Model A receives a Special Airworthiness Certification for limited take-offs and landings.
Heli-Eastern purchases 100 Lilium jets for eVTOL services in China’s Greater Bay Area, aiming for sustainable air travel and enhanced maneuverability.
ASKA A5, the first flying car in FAA certification, earns Special Airworthiness Certification. Its hybrid system and SUV-sized design redefine air mobility.
If Archer and United Airlines get their way, you’ll soon be able to take an electric air taxi from O’Hare straight into Downtown Chicago!
Drones are fun — they fly, they stop, they perform incredible, impossible-seeming stunts … now the big ones are setting distance records!
Geely is best known for being the parent company of brands like Volvo and Polestar. Soon, it may be known for flying cars!
Combining electric motors and conventional wings, the hybrid Linx P9 promises to beat helicopters on range, speed, and operating costs.



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