Heli-Eastern To Buy 100 Lilium Jets for Broader eVTOL Services in China
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Heli-Eastern To Buy 100 Lilium Jets for Broader eVTOL Services in China

Lilium Jets flying towards city short
  • Heli-Eastern has agreed to buy 100 Lilium jets so that the two companies can develop eVTOL services in China’s Greater Bay Area together.
  • Heli-Eastern will operate the fleet within the region and also provide maintenance and crew.
  • Lilium’s jet design is meant for easy maneuverability in the skies as well as versatile seating and storage inside the cabin.

Heli-Eastern is one of the leading low-altitude general aviation carriers and helicopter service providers in China’s Greater Bay Area. Recently, they pledged to buy 100 Lilium jets, which would mean a fleet of all-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) jets. This partnership will help Heli-Eastern move into the next generation of private flight.

About the Technology in Lilium Jets

We’ve been following Lilium’s progress toward certification here at Electrify News, so this is a good step forward for their brand. In its jets, Lilium uses Ducted Electric Vectored Thrust (DEVT), which incorporates electric jet engines within the wing flaps to enhance payload capacity and aerodynamic efficiency – and to also give people a quieter flight experience. This vectored thrust also gives the jet more precise maneuverability throughout all stages of flight.

The interior versatility of the Lilium jet further enhances its appeal. The aircraft can be customized for various customers’ needs and purposes. Whether it’s a private flight with luxurious club seating, a passenger flight with six seats, or a seatless configuration for zero-emissions logistics, the Lilium Jet is designed to cover a lot of bases.

About the Heli-Eastern and Lilium Agreement

The agreement between Heli-Eastern and Lilium extends beyond the purchase of the jets. The two companies will collaborate to identify suitable locations and partners to establish Lilium’s vertiports and other necessary ground infrastructure. Heli-Eastern will also be responsible for operating the Lilium jets in the Greater Bay Area region, providing crewing and maintenance services. 

This announcement coincides with Lilium’s plans to establish a regional headquarters in the Bao’an District of Shenzhen, reinforcing the company’s presence in China and the broader Asia-Pacific region. 

Lilium CEO Klaus Roewe expressed his enthusiasm about expanding into China with the support of esteemed partners like Heli-Eastern. “We see significant potential for Lilium’s eVTOL network in the Greater Bay Area, both to reach this important premium market, as well as to offer the sustainable, time-saving benefits of the Lilium Jet to as many people as possible.” 

Chairman Zhao Qi of Heli-Eastern echoed Roewe’s sentiments, highlighting the importance of this collaboration in introducing sustainable air travel to China. “With Lilium’s premium cabin design and innovative electric jet technology, our customers can travel throughout the Greater Bay Area and beyond quickly and sustainably.”


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