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The carbon footprint from EV charging is affected by the amount of renewable and fossil fuel sources used in a power plant.
Naysayers continue to spread rumors about EVs, and the latest ones involve data regarding insurance companies and total loss vehicles.
Busting the myth that electric vehicles aren’t environmentally friendly.
Busting the myth that electric vehicles are not convenient to charge.
Electric vehicles require less maintenance than gas-powered vehicles, busting the myth that they need more.
Debunking the Myth of Short-Range Electric Vehicles – Discover the Truth About Their Range and Performance
Whenever summer storms hit and waters rise, EV critics say you can’t drive one in high water. Well, we know better!
All across rural America, folks are starting to realize that it’s them – not city-dwellers – who stand to benefit the most from EVs!
Critics of EVs point to government subsidies and call the whole thing “socialism,” but it’s oil and gas that get the most gov’t help.
There’s a lot of misinformation out there, so sit back, relax, and let the truth flow into your eyes as we debunk some persistent EV myths.



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