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Orange Charger announced its latest model of EV chargers and software platform purpose-built for multifamily properties, a vastly underserved segment.
The first of many Noodoe 360kW DC fast EV chargers launched in Taiwan, part of the Volkswagen high-speed EV charging network.
At Auto China 2024, CATL unveiled its Shenxing PLUS — the world’s first LFP battery that achieves a range above 1,000 km with 4C superfast charging.
WattEV’s new electric truck charging depot in Bakersfield, California, is capable of megawatt rapid charging and uses a solar-powered microgrid.
Chargie installed 96 Level 2 EV chargers at a multifamily community in Tulare, CA. This networked, scalable infrastructure is funded by SCE’s Charge Ready program.
The Gravity EV charging center in Midtown Manhattan offers the fastest charging in the U.S. with bidirectional capability – up to 200 miles in just 5 minutes!
Wallbox & Bidirectional Energy partner to deploy Quasar 2 bidirectional chargers, solving range anxiety, enabling V2H/V2G, and earning users $1,000/year.
itselectric has seven pre-production chargers in Brooklyn and Detroit, signaling a new era of reliable EV charging with detachable cable.
Blink Charging expands HQ to Maryland, plans LEED Gold facility, increasing EV charging capacity to over 50,000 stations.
Enjoy a year of complimentary nationwide EVgo charging with your new Toyota bZ4X, enhancing range confidence alongside an extensive network.



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