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Off-Road Electric Longboards
Controversial remarks by Elon Musk on X trigger major advertiser boycott, impacting Tesla and the EV industry.
Tesla’s 2024 Cybertruck may skip 2WD & be heavy, facing tough EV truck competition. What you need to know!
Elon Musk envisions Tesla achieving full self-driving with Dojo AI chip, cost reduction, and global expansion by year-end.
Tesla slashes Model 3 and Y prices! Get a new Model 3 for as low as $30,000! Exciting times for EV fans with unbeatable discounts!
With regenerative braking, electric vehicle manufacturers will need to rethink how brake lights are actuated and lawmakers will have to agree.
Sandy Munro & Elon Musk discuss the future of electric vehicles, including battery tech, government incentives, and Tesla’s unique approach.
In a sudden about-face, Elon Musk is walking off Twitter’s board after investing $3 Billion. Is he lining up a hostile takeover bid?
With an off-road electric skate, your adventures will be limitless



Image showcasing Lincoln Electric's all-new Velion 150kW DC fast charger for electric vehicles

Lincoln Electric's Velion: American-Made 150kW EV Charger for Reliable All-Weather Fast Charging

Nissan next-gen LEAF

Nissan Adds Two New EVs and Next-Gen LEAF to European Market

Volvo C40 charging EV adoption

How EV Adoption is Reshaping the Auto Industry