Tesla's Price Cuts Shake the Market: New Model 3 for Under $31K!
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Tesla’s Price Cuts Shake the Market: New Model 3 for Under $31K!

Photo of Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model X at Electrify Expo in Washington, DC.
  • Tesla offers significant discounts on Model 3 and Model Y inventory, with new Model 3 as low as $30,440 after tax credits.
  • Upcoming refreshed Model 3 and Model Y updates expected.
  • Tesla’s strategic pricing includes multiple cuts to boost sales and make EVs more affordable, intensifying market competition.

Tesla, the pioneer of electric vehicles (EVs), is offering jaw-dropping discounts on its Model 3 and Model Y inventory. And it’s not just a few bucks off; we’re talking about savings that’ll leave you grinning from ear to ear!

Photo of Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model X, Tesla Model S at Electrify Expo Long Beach

Unbeatable Deals on Model 3 and Y

Tesla is giving its inventory a makeover, and you’re the one who stands to benefit the most! The Model 3 now starts at an unbelievable $37,940, and if you’re eligible for the full $7,500 tax credit, you can snag it for a jaw-dropping $30,440. That’s right, a brand new Model 3 for just $30,440! Excited yet?


The savings extend to the Model Y as well. Although not as hefty as the Model 3, you can still save up to $2,770 on select Model Y Performance variants. So whether you’re eyeing the 3 or the Y, Tesla’s got discounts that’ll make you jump for joy.

The Perfect Timing for a Refresh

It’s no secret that Tesla is gearing up for some exciting changes. The new and improved Model 3, rumored to have undergone significant revisions, is set to be revealed in Q3 2023. And if that wasn’t enough, an update to the Model Y is expected to follow soon after. Tesla is clearing its inventory to make way for the new and improved models, and that means unbeatable deals for you!

Photo of Electrify Expo Long Beach attendee in the driver seat of a Tesla Model 3.

Stacking Incentives on the Model 3 to Get an Unbeatable Deal

There’s a way to get a brand new Tesla Model 3 for less than $14,000 in California by stacking a bunch of incentives and discounts. While not everyone may be eligible for all incentives, the combination of Tesla’s price cuts, higher EV incentives, and an increase in average new car purchase prices in the US makes Tesla’s cheapest models surprisingly affordable!

Tesla Makes Its Mark in the US Vehicle Market

Tesla’s making waves in the US vehicle market, and it’s not just with the Model Y. In 2022, the Model Y ranked as the sixth best-selling vehicle in the US, and now, the Model 3 is vying for a spot in the top 10! With a price starting below $40,000, the Model 3 is giving other EVs a run for their money. And with the recent price cut of $2,000, it’s an even sweeter deal!


Tesla’s Strategic Pricing Strategy

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, knows how to make a splash. The company has lowered its prices multiple times this year, intensifying the competition and pressuring its rivals. While this move may have affected Tesla’s stock market performance slightly, it’s all part of the grand plan. By focusing on higher volumes and a larger fleet, Tesla is ensuring its EVs are accessible to a wider audience, and you get to be a part of this electrifying journey!

Photo of family looking at the Tesla Model 3 at Tesla booth at Electrify Expo in Long Beach, CA.

The Clock is Ticking – Grab Your Tesla Now!

These unbelievable deals won’t last forever. With Tesla’s inventory flying off the shelves and the new Model 3 and Y refresh just around the corner, now’s the time to act. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get a new Model 3 for as low as $30,440 or a discounted Model Y with up to $2,770 off.


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