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Suzuki is partnering with SkyDrive in Japan to create the SKYDRIVE eVTOL, a new three-seater electrified aircraft.
The Alef Model A receives a Special Airworthiness Certification for limited take-offs and landings.
If Archer and United Airlines get their way, you’ll soon be able to take an electric air taxi from O’Hare straight into Downtown Chicago!
Drones are fun — they fly, they stop, they perform incredible, impossible-seeming stunts … now the big ones are setting distance records!



LA Auto Show Survey

The LA Auto Show’s Survey on EV Satisfaction Reports Strong Positive Results

Gogoro Crossover SUV scooter with rider on road

Gogoro Introduces the First Two-Wheel SUV

Image showcasing Elon Musk with X and Twitter logos, from Omar ElDeraa/Shutterstock

Tesla Board and Investors Very Worried After Elon Musk's Latest Unhinged Outburst About X Boycott