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The Zeekr 009 Grand MPV, priced at $111,270, offers over 400 miles of range, rapid charging, advanced infotainment and driver assistance features.
The Ram ProMaster EV, the brand’s first all-electric vehicle, made its US debut as part of Stellantis’ Dare Forward 2030 strategy.
The new USPS EV fleet’s charging stations were unveiled in Georgia. Canoo announced USPS ordered six of its innovative LDV 190 EVs to add to the USPS EV fleet.
Honda 0 Series EV lineup debuts in the USA with two concept cars and a brand-new H logo coming in 2026, unveiled at CES 2024.
We’re seeing more electrified campers, and it’s thrilling to see Mitsubishi enter the camping fray with new options to grow the EV market!
Lightning eMotors is celebrating Altoona certification for its ZEV3 battery electric van, which means buyers can qualify for EV incentives!
Truly impactful buy-in to EV technology comes from fleets, and shipping company DHL will be getting 2,000 electric cargo vans by the end of next year
Less than three months after Rivian and Mercedes decided to build vans under a JV deal, the deal is reportedly off.
Mercedes-Benz is heating up the red-hot “van life” trend with a new, all-electric, Marco Polo Edition of the EQT electric van!
Online delivery giants Amazon report that they have fully 1,000 all-electric Rivian delivery vans on the road, delivering packages, today!
With an off-road electric skate, your adventures will be limitless




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