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Fiido D11 Folding Electric Bike
Hybrid power meets luxury in the Lexus 2025 NX lineup. Enjoy electric range, fast charging, and premium interiors starting at $46,075.
Experience Italian elegance with 2024 Fiat 500e newest models: Inspired By Beauty & Inspired By Music, celebrating culture and innovation.
A 2024 EV Forecast by Loren McDonald, CEO of EVAdoption predicted the top 10 best-selling 2024 battery electric vehicles in the U.S.
Volvo EV sales thrive in 2023, contributing to a 26% sales increase, setting records in the USA and Canada.
Hyundai’s electric cars shine in December 2023 with record-breaking sales, marking a 4% increase over the previous year.
BMW and MINI shine in 2023, with record electric car sales, capturing 12.5% of total sales and 19.5% of electrified vehicles sold.
Electric transportation is booming in air, land, and water sectors, from electric flight to buses and boats, all to fight climate change.
BJ Birtwell discusses EV trends and Cybertruck impact, shaping future car buying experience on the latest episode of Electrify Podcast.
Karma Automotive from California debuted the Karma Kaveya, a fully electric supercar.
Join Electrify Expo at Circuit of the Americas in Austin on Nov 11-12 for electric vehicle fun with top brands, test drives, and more!




New Bill May Step Up Barriers on Chinese Electric Cars; Mexico Halting Chinese Incentives

Solar Power Energy Installation farm

Solar Power Surges with Record 32.4 GW Installation, Policy Impact Revealed

Gravity DEAP Curbside EV Charging Solution Delivers 200kW Speeds Charging 200 Miles in Under 13 Minutes

Gravity Curbside EV Charging Solution Delivers 200kW Speeds, Charging 200 Miles in Under 13 Minutes