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velowave summer fun sale
The Addmotor Spytan electric trike for adults is stable, stylish, and versatile. On sale now for $2,599.00!
Will Atlanta’s rebate make electric cargo bikes free for families? We dig into the city’s $1 million e-bike grant program and its benefits.
Electric bicycles are the best form of green transportation you can use, as well as one of the least expensive.
Debuting Gocycle family cargo electric bikes CXi & CX+ blend F1-inspired design with lightweight portability, and enclosed drivetrain.
Explore the benefits of an electric bike for commuting: health perks, financial savings, and quicker travels without the sweat.
Looking for a versatile urban commuter e-bike with extended range, dual batteries, torque sensor, and hydraulic suspension? Meet Rattan Quercus.
Gocycle just announced their first two electric cargo bikes, the CXi and CX+, to be shipped in September.
Murf Electric Bikes, well-known trailblazers in the e-bike industry, introduced the Higgs Cargo, a groundbreaking innovation.
Addmotor introduced a high-performing electric cargo bike, the GRAOOPRO, with a maximum load capacity of 500 lbs. and impressive 210 miles of range.
Murf is the ultimate beach-ready e-bike. Born from a surfer’s passion, it blends Cali-cool style with top-notch tech.



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